Statement from Broadcom on issue after Symantec acquisition

[German]A Broadcom employee just contacted me on the blog and gave a statement about the problems with issuing Symantec SEP licenses. It is hoped to have the problems under control by the end of April 2020 – this is how I interpret the license renewal until that date.


Some background

Some time ago, Symantec's business unit was sold to Broadcom for US$10.7 billion. At the end of November 2019, in the German article Symantec-Übernahme durch Broadcom abgeschlossen, I reported that Broadcom described the acquisition of the acquired Symantec business as completed. However, there are considerable issues for Symantec's business customers.  

Broadcom's systems for managing Symantec licenses are failing. As a result, existing licenses are unlikely to be renewable when they expire. Customers who wish to purchase licenses (e.g., from Symantec Endpoint Protection, SEP) are running up against the appropriate distributors – they can.

Even extending existing licenses does not work. The license management software does not provide any of the required functionality. Based on information provided by German blog readers I had published the blog post Symantec acquisition by Broadcom ends in license/support chaos

Information from Broadcom

Now a Broadcom employee provided this comment with additional information about he current situation:

We acknowledge the migration to Broadcom systems has been more difficult than we anticipated and apologize to all of our customers and partners for the challenges they have faced during this process. The good news is that systems are now transitioned, and authorized resellers can order Symantec solutions through Broadcom's eStore again. All of the authorized resellers can be found here.

Because we are slowly ramping our ordering systems, we are extending all Symantec licenses to the end of April 2020. The customers' expiration date for renewals will remain the original expiration date outlined in the contract.

To find resources and answers to frequently asked questions during our transition, customers can go here.

We continue to be very committed to our customers and our partner community. Read this blog to learn more about Symantec & Broadcom synergies.

Let's hope that this turns out well for SEP customers. But there is now this comment, which reports about further issues. What are your current experiences?


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