Pwn2Own: Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, VirtualBox hacked

[German]The hacker competition Pwn2Own (spring 2020) had to be held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. Hackers were able to crack Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, VirtualBox etc. and secure larger amounts of prize money.


Reports on this hacker competition can be found at, the Zero Day Initiative and Tread Post. Here is a short overview of the hacks:

  • Apple Safari with macOS Kernel Privilege Escalation
  • Microsoft Windows with a localPrivilege Escalation
  • Ubuntu Desktop with a localPrivilege Escalation
  • Microsoft Windows with a localPrivilege Escalation
  • Oracle VirtualBox with an Info Stealing Leak

In VMware Workstation, the exploit was detected but fell out of the evaluation because the three attempts were insufficient. The list of all hacks can be found here and in this post.

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