Windows 10: Issues with daylight savings time switch in 2020

[German]We have 2020, and Windows 10 still struggling to switch to the correct daylight savings time 2020, at least in Europe. Some machine are still in 'winter time', others changed correctly to daylight saving time, but went to a wrong time some hours later.


his weekend Europe changed from winter time to daylight savings time (summer time). But Windows 10 systems struggles to switch to the correct time.

A reader's mail about issues

German blog reader Dekre has sent me an email today. He mentioned, that the time settings on his Windows 10 Pro system is broken. He wrote:

today we are switching to daylight savings time (CEST)

My PC clock was displayed correctly at startup today at 07:25 CEST. One hour later it jumped back again. The automatic time synchronization then reports errors.

Is it the same with others? Win10 pro. I have now switched to manual time setting without synchronization.

I booted my Windows 10 Pro test system. The change to daylight saving time worked. And I didn't recognized some changes later – but the system hasn't been running for an hour.

More feedback from German blog readers

After I've published the German article, I received feedback from many people. On some systems, the switch to daylight saving time worked flawless. But some readers confirmed the observation from blog reader Dekre.

Alfred Neumann: Got the same problem here. At first it is true and after a while, had not paid attention to the time, the hour was changed again. Win 10 Pro 1909 x64

Andreas: I have a Win 10 v1809 Professional. After about 3 hours of operation I noticed that the computer shows the winter time. I then deactivated and reactivated the setting "Update time automatically", after that the time was correct.

Volker: For me Win 64 1909: First changed this morning, then after about an hour again winter time, then manual synchronization, then permanently changed to summer time. That with all 3 computers in our household.

Smagjus: Two systems with Windows 10 (Home and Edu) are booted with summer time and one hour after the boot, they erroneously returned to winter time by themselves. Both use Both were set to automatically adjust the time and daylight saving time. A manual "Synchronize now" resulted in a return to daylight saving time.

Ärgere das Böse!: This morning the time was right, now it's not.
I used to sync it manually, now it's right again.

Manual sync was used to set the time correctly. So there's something wrong with Windows 10. In the following comments there are also several hints that the change to daylight saving time did not work automatically.


And blog reader Karl has published the above tweet – where he points out incorrect time changes. No idea what went wrong – even with systems that didn't change to daylight saving time. Windows 10 seems broken in this respect.

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16 Responses to Windows 10: Issues with daylight savings time switch in 2020

  1. Wim Strouven says:

    Hi, same issue here, not switched still at 11:09 when it's actually 12:09.. Tried with 2 different time servers to no avail

  2. krzemien says:

    Same here on the corporate machine @ 1809 (forgot to check my home PC)

  3. Marco R. says:

    Same in Italy, around 15 of 60 laptops (so far) reported still winter time

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  5. Tom says:

    same issue here with about 10% of our windows 10 computers, so far it all look to be machines with 1909 installed.

  6. LD says:

    Same issue in France on our Windows 10 (70 Computers affected). call opens on MS. waiting for their feedback. will post it herer if it's helpfull

  7. Johan says:

    Hi LD,

    Please let us know what MS has to say about this. I'm very interested to know because we had similar issues yesterday and it would be nice to have some kind of explanation.

    Thanks in advance!


  8. Patrick says:

    Hi there

    Same problem here on serveral machines. Any news from MS?


  9. itsn says:


    I also opened a call at MS, now after 3 weeks of mailing them and running some checks they say that my company is the only one who complained about it. They say that the AV is causing the problem. Could you give me your microsoft ticket number so i can report to MS that we are not the only company with the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. itsn says:

    Hi People,

    Microsoft asked me to run below steps, maybe you could also run these steps so they can see there are more people with the problem:

    1. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet
    2. Click on the start menu
    3. Type "MSDT" in the search box, then select MSDT from the programs list
    4. Type your support key 3779557838 in the space provided then click next
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to run the diagnostic package on this computer or prepare the package for use on another computer

    Let me know if you did!

  11. Roland says:

    Today, the scenario where Windows gets it right at first and fails hours later happened on my machine. I'm on Version 20H2. No dual-boot or anything.

  12. Andre says:

    Same here on 2004. Manual resync fixed it.

  13. sten says:

    2021 Same here

  14. Me says:

    Not working over here in the Netherlands on 20H2 laptops.
    Unfortunately, users are a user and not an administrator. So a manual timesync is out of the question since it requires UAC (for some dark reason….).

  15. goodvibes says:

    Same here in Australia. One PC (laptop) time was correct, then reverted to daylight saving time. The other PC (desktop), I didn't notice the time was still daylight savings time until after I had been using it for a while. Desktop is shutdown each day. Laptop hibernates. Resync fixed both.

  16. Thilo Langbein says:

    Surface Pro 5/7+. Intune. Win 20h2. Not working. No sync option without admin rights. :-(

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