Microsoft Cloud exhausted by Covid 19 consequences

[German]Microsoft has been literally overrun with its cloud infrastructure due to the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. The wave of new home office users increases the cloud usage by 775 percent.


The last few days I had reported in the blog post Microsoft throttles non-essential Office 365 features that Microsoft must turn off non-essential features of its Office 365 cloud. And there was the articleTemporary restrictions for MS Teams, OneNote, Office365, in which I discussed further restrictions on various Microsoft services. All measures to ensure the availability of Microsoft services despite increasing user numbers. 

Huge rush to the cloud

The global coronavirus pandemic is probably shaking up all companies worldwide. Those who can, let their employees work from home offices. While Microsoft sees in March 2020 44 million daily active users (DAUs) an Microsoft Teams (up from 32 million a few weeds before), their infrastructure is working at the limit. The consequences: Microsoft Teams have had some issues on mid of March 2020. In a blog post has now published some information about what is going on behind the scenes at the moment.

  • Microsoft has seen a 775 percent increase in the use of Microsoft Cloud Services in all regions where a lockdown has been announced.
  • Microsoft teams have seen a very significant increase in usage from 32 million to more than 44 million daily users.
  • These Team users have created over 900 million daily team meeting and call logs in a single week.
  • The use of theWindows Virtual Desktop has increased more than 3 times.
  • The use of Power-BI to share COVID 19 dashboards with governments has increased 42 percent in a single week.

Within this blog post Microsoft explains what this means for its infrastructure and addresses various questions in the blog post and in a FAQ.

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