Windows 10: Updates fixes VPN bug

[German]Microsoft has released out-of-band updates for various versions of Windows 10 as of March 30, 2020 to fix the VPN bug caused by earlier updates from February 2020.


The Windows 10 VPN bug

There is a bug in all still supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 – caused by an update from February 2020 – that can prevent applications from connecting to the Internet. The network icon in the notification area of the taskbar may show limited or no Internet connection status in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI).

Windows 10: Internet connection indicator shows issues(Source: Technet)

This can happen when a connection to a VPN is made or disconnected, or after the status between the two has changed. On affected devices, applications may also have difficulty reaching the Internet via WinHTTP or WinInet. I had reported the bug in the blog post Windows 10: Bug prevents (VPN) Internet access. Microsoft had promised an update to fix the bug for April 2020.

Update fixes this VPN bug

Now it has probably gone faster than planned. Microsoft released several updates for Windows 10 on March 30, 2020, which should fix the VPN bug. For Windows 10 version 1909 this is update KB4554364. In the description of the update it says:

Updates an issue that might display the wrong internet connection status for certain VPN users or might prevent some applications from connecting to the internet.

The update is only provided via the Microsoft Update Catalog for download and manual installation. Here is the list of available updates:


These updates are optional and should really only be installed by users who suffer from the bug in question.

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