Windows: Important driver update for Nvidia and Realtek

[German]Nvidia has released the GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 445.78 for Windows to solve a problem. And Realtek has released Windows HDA drivers for several Lenovo ThinkCentre machines.


I’ll summarize the whole thing in a collective post, maybe it’s for one or the other blog reader together.

Nvidia GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 445.78

For Nvida, the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver 445.75 for Windows may have caused some DirectX 11 games to fail to start when image sharpening is enabled in the NVIDIA Control Panel. The Geforce support forum has this post for example.

Battlefield V and 445,75 Update Driver Problems

Hello, i have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti after the last driver update 445,75 the game Battlefield 5, can’t be launched anymore from Origin, the game not load and return to Origin after few seconds. What i notice is that the cause can be the “Image Sharpening”, infact if you chose to pass from default option (Disabled) to the other option setting value of sharpening and film grain, not load….But if you set the Default one, the game works normally. The previous driver instead had no problems with changing Image Sharpening setting values. I want only to share the problem. Bye!

Blog reader Thomas B. informed me yesterday by mail that Nvidia has therefore released a GeForce Hotfix Driver version 445.78. The download can be done on this website

Lenovo  releases Windows HDA audio driver

Although some Lenovo ThinkCentre machines have already dropped out of support, the manufacturer has still released updates of High Definition (HDA) audio drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows 10 as of March 20, 2020. The HDA audio drivers for the following Lenovo devices:

  • ThinkCentre M900z, M910z
  • Lenovo V410z
  • AIO 720-24IKB
  • AIO 310-20IAP
  • AIO 310-20ASR
  • AIO 330-20AST

are available for download on this website. Furthermore, HDA audio drivers for the 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7 for the Lenovo devices:


  • ThinkCentre M910z
  • ThinkCentre M900z
  • Lenovo V410z

has been published also. Details and downloads can be found on this Lenovo Web site

Unlike the ASUS-based 8858 HDA driver, Lenovo’s 8881 HDA driver includes the generic files hdart.inf & hdxrt.inf, which allow installation on virtually any Realtek HD audio device. Thanks to EP for the note in this comment.

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5 Responses to Windows: Important driver update for Nvidia and Realtek

  1. EP says:

    Microsoft has recently released a 64bit 6.0.8899.1 legacy Realtek HDA driver on MS Update. the 8899 HDA driver cab package can be downloaded directly from this link:

    download & save the cab file package onto a local computer, open the cab file in any file archiving tool like 7zip, Winrar or Winzip, extract all files inside and use Device Manager to install or update the Realtek High Definition Audio driver from the “Sound, video and game controllers” section and restart the computer for the new driver to take effect.

  2. EP says:

    Lenovo has also posted another 6.0.8881.1 Realtek HDA driver package for ideacentre AIO 520-22IKU, AIO 520-24IKU models here on April 6, 2020:

    and in the Realtek audio driver readme file posted here:

    Versions 6.0.8881.1

    [Problem fixes]
    -Security updates.

  3. EP says:

    Looks like I spoke a little too soon.
    Hewlett-Packard (HP) is now aware of the Realtek audio driver security vulnerability and released a new security bulletin on their support site along with some updated Realtek HDA drivers for some of their computers that fix the security vulnerability:

    so that makes two PC manufacturers that are aware of the problem

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  5. EP says:

    new Realtek HDA driver 32bit & 64bit package from Lenovo – v6.0.8978.1 released Sept. 3

    listed for several Lenovo desktop & AIO PCs like ThinkCentre M900z, M910z but can be installed on other brand PCs using Realtek HD Audio as it appears to be a generic HDA driver release

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