Folder move bug with Microsoft Outlook 2016 mailboxes

[German]A German blog reader pointed out a bug in Microsoft Outlook 2016 in the mailboxes section. There are issues with moving mailbox folders within Outlook – the moved folder vanishes, although the folder is still present.


German blog reader Michael T. has informed me about this issue at the beginning of this month via email and described some details. He runs clients with Windows 10 version 1909 and is using Office 2016 Standard.

Outlook 2016 and EAC

In Outlook 2016 (I guess he uses the msi installer version) he has the following scenario in his enterprise environment.

In Michael' enterprise 3 different employees have set up about 3-4 mailboxes in their Outlook 2016. These are released with full access via the EAC. 

The acronym EAC probably stands for Exchange Admin Center, a Web-based management console in Exchange Server that is optimized for enterprise, online, and hybrid Exchange deployments. EAC was introduced with Exchange Server 2013 and replaces the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and Exchange Control Panel (ECP), which were the two management interfaces in Exchange Server 2010. Microsoft has posted an article about EAC here with more information. 

The issue: Folder cannot be moved

Michael writes that they suddenly ran into a crude problem after another email address was set up and released in EAC.

Recently another email address was created and shared with the staff as well as the others.

Mails are retrieved, can be synchronized … everything works.

The problem that we are experiencing now concerns the ability to move folders for mailboxes in Outlook 2016. There seems to be a bug here. Michael describes the bug like this:


If an employee creates a folder and fills it with content he can't move it anymore. For example moving works, but then the folder is gone! 

The employee creates a folder 'important' with a subfolder for instance. A subfolder is called 'finished'. If he now moves the folder 'finished' into another folder, it is removed under 'important', but does not appear in the target folder anymore!

The whole thing is quite strange: The folders are not really deleted on the Exchange server, but are apparently no longer displayed in Outlook 2016. Michael writes:

If I look at it via OWA, the folder is actually moved and is only not displayed in Outlook.

It's funny that even if [the employee] creates a new folder in the subfolder where the disappeared folder should be [the destination folder when moving], the disappeared [folder] appears again!

The additions in square brackets […] were introduced by me. Michael mentioned that this currently affects 3 employees.

There is a Microsoft KB article from September 2018 that blames filters for hiding folders. Whether this is true, I cannot judge.  

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