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iOS 13.4.1 fixes VPN bug and Facetime issues

[German]Apple has released an update from iOS to version 13.4.1 on April 7, 2020. It is a bug-fix update, which should fix a bug in Facetime as well as the bug in VPNs. Furthermore there are further fixes. Advertising

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Folder move bug with Microsoft Outlook 2016 mailboxes

[German]A German blog reader pointed out a bug in Microsoft Outlook 2016 in the mailboxes section. There are issues with moving mailbox folders within Outlook – the moved folder vanishes, although the folder is still present. Advertising

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Bug in iOS version 13.4 may bypass VPN encryption

[German]A bug in the freshly released iOS 13.4 can prevent all traffic from VPN connections from being properly encrypted. VPN provider Proton has just disclosed this. Advertising

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Windows 10: Bug prevents (VPN) Internet access

[German]There is a bug in all still supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 – caused by recent updates. This can prevent applications from connecting to the Internet. A bugfix is not expected before April 2020. Advertising

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Update KB4052623: Microsoft fixes Defender Scan Skip Bug

[German]Microsoft has released the update KB4052623 for the Windows Defender anti-malware platform for Windows 10 on March 24, 2020. This update also fixes the irritating message that files were skipped during a scan. Advertising

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Bug in Microsoft Chromium-Edge causes black screen

[English]There seems that Microsoft Chromium Edge has a bug for some time now that suddenly turns the browser window black. The bug does not affect all users and occurs sporadically. Microsoft has already released a fix in newer betas, but … Continue reading

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Windows: A Bug in winevtutil

[German]A German blog reader already informed me in mid-June 2019 about a stupid bug in winevtutil to me. Here I outline a few details about this behavior within this blog post. Advertising

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Tip: PowerShell workarounds for June bug in Windows Event Viewer

[German]I’ve gone into the bug in the Windows Event Viewer caused by the June 2019 patches. This article shows how to handle workarounds to using both the Event Viewer and ‘Custom Views’ on a machine via PowerShell. Advertising

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Android: URL bug in Google Chrome 74.0.3729.157

[German]The current Android Chrome version 74.0.3729.157 browser app has an annoying behavior of the URL input box, I would call it a bug. When tapping the URL box, the search is started immediately and the search field of the browser … Continue reading

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Windows 10 V1803: Fix for Bitlocker bug in Nov. 2018?

[German]Brief note for administrators and users of Windows 10 Version 1803 in enterprise environment using Bitlocker encryption. Microsoft plans to fix the Bitlocker bug, which deactivates the function during update installation, with a patch scheduled for November 2018. Advertising

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