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Windows: A Bug in winevtutil

[German]A German blog reader already informed me in mid-June 2019 about a stupid bug in winevtutil to me. Here I outline a few details about this behavior within this blog post. Advertising

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Tip: PowerShell workarounds for June bug in Windows Event Viewer

[German]I’ve gone into the bug in the Windows Event Viewer caused by the June 2019 patches. This article shows how to handle workarounds to using both the Event Viewer and ‘Custom Views’ on a machine via PowerShell. Advertising

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Android: URL bug in Google Chrome 74.0.3729.157

[German]The current Android Chrome version 74.0.3729.157 browser app has an annoying behavior of the URL input box, I would call it a bug. When tapping the URL box, the search is started immediately and the search field of the browser … Continue reading

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Windows 10 V1803: Fix for Bitlocker bug in Nov. 2018?

[German]Brief note for administrators and users of Windows 10 Version 1803 in enterprise environment using Bitlocker encryption. Microsoft plans to fix the Bitlocker bug, which deactivates the function during update installation, with a patch scheduled for November 2018. Advertising

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Windows 10 V1803 detects internal SATA drives as removable

[German]Today a short information about a bug in Windows 10 V1803, preventing disk management to recognize internal SATA drives in a proper way. The interna SATA drives are detected in disk management as removal drives. Advertising

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DHCP-Bug in Update KB4338814 (Windows 10 Version 1607)

[German]A short note to administrators running Windows Server version 1607 als DHCP failover server. Cumulative update KB4338814 causes a bold DHCP bug during installation, so that Windows 10 Enterprise clients no longer have a network connection. Advertising

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Android bug allows Google to access text messages

A rather odd bug in Android gives Google the possibility to access text messages from Android devices. A user has found that out by accident. Advertising

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Bug: Google Chrome browser renders black boxes randomly

[German]Her’s another short article on to topic ‘Google’s Chrome browser suddenly shows black boxes on web pages while surfing’. The subject comes up every now and then. Currently it may hit Windows users with the Chrome 66. Advertising

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Windows 7 Jan./Feb. 2018 patches opens Total Meltdown vulnerability

[German]It seems that things went terribly wrong. Microsoft’s Meltdown updates shipped in January 2018 and February for Windows 7 (and Server 2008 R2) intended to mitigate the Meltdown vulnerability rip open a huge security hole. This allows any process under … Continue reading

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Seagate patched silently a security flaw in NAS devices

[German]Do you own a Seagate NAS device? Seagate has fixed quietly a security vulnerability in the firmware of their Seagate Personal Cloud Home Media Storage. Advertising

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