Bug in Adaptec ASR-72405 driver for Windows 11/Server 2022

Windows[German]Users of Windows 11 (22H2) as well as Windows Server 2022 should pay attention if they run a RAID system and use the Adaptec ASR-71605 RAID controller for it. A blog reader pointed out to me a nasty bug in the driver in question from Microsoft that seems not to have been fixed yet. Here is some information about it.


The Adaptec ASR-72405 controller

I had a quick look, the Adaptec ASR-72405 controller can be found at various sellers like Amazon, eBay etc., but it costs several hundred Euros (about 300 to 500 Euros).

Adaptec ASR-72405-Controller

The adapter has a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface and allows 24x SAS/SATA 6Gb/s to be connected. Supported RAID levels are 0/1/1E/5/6/10/50/60. Drivers for Linux and older Windows versions are available on this page. If I see it correctly, Windows 11 (21H1 and 22H2) and Windows Server 2022 seem to have the driver for the controller already on board.

The driver is causing problems

Blog reader David Xanatos contacted me by email the other day and reported problems he is having with the Windows drivers for this raid controller.

A strange incompatibility got in my way the days. The drivers for Adaptec ASR-71605 RAID controller and related models like ASR-72405 have a bug on Windows Server 2022 like Windows 11 (22H2).

When waking up the system from hibernation or standby the RAID drives are not working anymore (100% load indication, although they do nothing, every access attempt runs into a timeout). But sometimes (very rarely) the drives go with extremely reduced performance. And sometimes the driver simply triggers a BlueScreen (BSOD).

This is of course especially annoying when you have 5 such controllers in use :(

I have tried all driver versions since release and also those which Windows itself brings. The error seems to be present in all driver versions.

Since these controllers are already somewhat older and remedy on the part of Adaptec is rather not to be expected, I would like to push the problem very gladly MSFT. After all, they have changed something in the kernel [of Windows 11/Server 2022), which now results in this error. So they did it, now they should fix it.

Do you think it would be possible to bring this bug to their attention, in the hope that it might actually be fixed by Windows?

Regarding the last sentence: I am skeptical – but I will report the article in the English edition to MS-Help via Twitter. Anyone else from the readership who is confronted with the problem?


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5 Responses to Bug in Adaptec ASR-72405 driver for Windows 11/Server 2022

  1. Saaiborg says:


    I'm having the same issue with a 5805 RAID card. (BSOD after sleep/hibernation)
    Any news about this issue? It's still present in the current Windows 11 build 22621.1105 and Microsoft driver
    When I try to install the ADAPTEC Windows 10 64bit driver, Windows wouldn't even start anymore once installed…


  2. Darwin Hector Sr says:

    I believe I accidentally came upon a solution for Adaptec SATA/SAS Controller and its Drive to "stay put" in Windows 11.

    Please note I have an ASUS WS C246 PRO Server Motherboard.

    1) Windows 11 must (must!) be up and running, with the following BIOS Boot CSM Settings: Launch CSM set to "Enabled"; Boot Device Control at "UEFI and Legacy OPROM"; Boot from Network Devices at "Ignore or UEFI"; Boot Storage Devices at "UEFI only"; PCI-E/PCI Expansion Devices at "Legacy only".

    2) Reboot PC and Edit BIOS "Boot" CSM Setting again: change only Boot from Storage Devices setting it to "Legacy only". Save BIOS and Restart the PC.

    Very important: the Boot Option #1 must remain to "Windows Boot Manager" and Boot Option #2 to the Adaptec Raid Controller.

    You should be good to go with no errors in Windows 11's Device Manager and you SATA/SAS Drives showing up and not disappearing when PC comes out of hibernation.

    Good luck.

    • Darwin Hector Sr says:

      Also, if you had a Windows Operating System on your Adaptec SATA/SAS Drives and want to launch it (which I was trying to do when I forgot to switch between booting Option #1&2) just set your "Option # 1" Boot to Adaptec Raid and Option #2 to Windows Manager, save BIOS config and restart the PC. To go back to Windows 11, restart the PC, go back into the BIOS, switch back Boot Option #1 to Windows Manager and Option #2 to Adaptec Raid, save BIOS and restart the PC and your back in Windows 11 with Adaptec Raid Drives accessible and staying put.

  3. Darwin Hecto, Sr says:

    In addition to my accidental discovery for Adaptec Controller to not error or disappear in Windows 11, please add the following: "When the PC Starts, you will be able to see and go into the Adaptec Raid Controller Settings".

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  5. brett says:

    my question is, who allows hybernation/sleep with a raid card in the first place? Especially if you're running a server operating system???

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