Access 365: Error "The search key has not been used in any…" (April 2022)

[German]There seems to be a bug in Microsoft Access 365 (with update status 2022 in the current channel). When closing forms, the error message "The search key was not found in any…" is issued. Following a reader suggestion, I summarize the relevant information below – in case anyone encounters the effect.


Blog reader hdg had posted the hint in the discussion area – since I delete these entries cyclically, I'll drag his comment here into the blog post:

Hi Mr. Born,
I've benefited from your blog so many times when I've had problems, so I'm happy to hopefully give you something back.
I think I found a new bug in Access 365 due to the update in the current channel on April 26. "Error message "The search key was not found in any…" when closing a form".
Maybe you can report about it sometime – it took me a day….

The blog reader has discussed the problem in this thread in the German Office forum. He writes the following about it (the insertions in [..] are mine):

Hi guys,

since a couple of days, one of my Access installations has an error message when closing a form. I probably have the same/similar problem as Fremo in this thread.

My DB is split into FE [frontend] and BE [backend], i.e. FE runs locally on several PCs, BE is on the net on a Win server. When closing a form with different subforms in a tab control, I also get since new and depending on how previously the displayed record was loaded, once the error message "Property not found" and once above error message "The search key was not found in any record". Otherwise everything runs in the DB without any recognizable errors.

The user has tested the whole thing extensively and currently writes that the error appeared in his environment all at once without changing the accdb (message is from May 11, 2022). The problem also affects only one system – here are the test scenarios:

  • The error only occurs on a PC running Office 365 2204, build 15128.20178 and Win10 21H1.
  • Other PCs running Office 2016, same build, same Win10 version or Win7 do not show this
  • A PC with Office 365 2202, build 14931.20132 and Win10 20H2 does not show this either

The bug occurs in Office 365 version 2204 in build 15128.20178 – with version 2202, build 14931.20132, the error cannot be provoked on a Windows 10 20H2. Compressing/repairing and using old frontend versions of the databases that were free of errors at the time do not help. The user then rolled back to an earlier version and the error was gone. Maybe it will help others who are affected.

More about the Issue, that has been rolled back

Another user left a couple of hours ago this comment within my German blog, explaining how to provoke the issue:


The appearance can be traced as follows:
1. a form with a subform in datasheet view.
2. in the subform set a filter in the datasheet.
3. in the subform then call method Recordset.RecordCount
-> results in message "The search key …" when closing the form.

Delete all filters (even if they are not enabled).

Strange side effect:
On some devices with the same build (version 2204 build 15128.20224) this phenomenon disappeared by itself after Windows Update (KB5013942) and Net Framework (KB5013624). On another identical device, however, it did not (again, deleting the filter helped).

Addendum: Peter Doering (MVP Access) has informed me within this German comment, that the issue has been rolled back automatically.

The problem was caused by an Office update on May, 11 2022 and was reverted after it became known. The bug was active for less than 24 hours. This also explains that some computers were affected, others not, because not all computers update at the same time.

The fact that even the affected computers worked again yesterday, at the latest after restarting Access, as if by magic, was due to the fact that an online check is performed when the application is started, by which the affected update could be deactivated again.

Unfortunately, this mechanism does not exist for security updates distributed through other channels. These had also caused trouble in the recent past.

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