Windows 10: Search broken after Update? (May 2020)

[German]At the end of April 2020, Microsoft released several cumulative updates for the various versions of Windows 10. Since these updates are available, there are more and more reports about a broken Windows 10 search.


Windows search takes too long

Affected users receive a message in the open search window during a search that the search is taking too long. On reddit you can find this post and this one on the topic. In the Microsoft Answers forum there is also the following post:

Windows 10 search prompting "This is taking too long to load"

When searching using the search functionality embedded in the start menu of Windows 10 (when clicking the Windows icon in the left bottom), a screen is displayed saying "This is taking too long to load". On the bottom right, a string looking like a version number is displayed as well (see screenshot). This looks quite "off" and doesn't seem to come from Windows. Please help me.

The screenshot looks in Windows 10 like this.  

Windows 10 search 'This is taking too long to load'
(Source: Microsoft Answers)

On SuperUser there is this post which also deals with the error message. There the user has updated Windows 10 and the problem was gone. But people who installed the optional update KB4549951 for Windows 10 V1909 probably came out of the frying pan into the fire. After that the Windows search with the above error got even worse.

Some users report that selecting the refresh button in the window with the error message solves the problem for a short time. Here the following repair approach is suggested:


1. Enter cmd in the search field of the taskbar and start the hit with Run as administrator.

2. Enter the command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in the command line window and press Enter.

This should repair Windows and fix the problem. Alternatively, you can try to delete update files with Disk Cleanup or Storage Sense.

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