Firefox 77 and 68.9.0esr released

Mozilla[German]The Mozilla developers have released the version 77.0.0 and the version and 68.9.0esr of the Firefox browser on June 2, 2020, and are delivering the updates. These are new major updates for the browser. Tor has also been updated. Addendum: Firefox 77.0.1 has been released.


Blog reader EP had posted a comment about the browser update and the description at – and thanks for that. But since the release notes were missing and the update wasn't offered in Firefox, I waited for the article. Now I was offered an update to Firefox 77.

Firefox 77.0.0

The release notes highlight the new Pocket recommendations, where some of the best news worldwide will appear on Firefox's new tab for our UK users. In addition, the introduction of WebRender in Firefox for Windows users will continue. Support is now available by default on Windows 10 laptops running on Nvidia GPUs with medium (<= 3440×1440) and large screens (> 3440×1440).

The new about:certificate page makes it easier to view and manage web certificates. The setting browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches has been removed. To hide the one-time search buttons, remove the check mark for search engines on the about:preferences#search page. The following fixes for errors are also available:

  • The application list in the Firefox options is now accessible to users of screen readers.
  • Some live regions previously did not report updated text using the JAWS screen reader. This issue has been resolved.
  • Date/time entries are no longer missing labels for accessibility tool users.

In the new Firefox version 77, several vulnerabilities from previous versions that were considered moderate and low were fixed. A list of the vulnerabilities can be found here. The browser can be updated via the help menu and About Firefox (worked fine here). The new Firefox is also available for download here for various platforms. Alternatively you can download the browser via FTP.

Addendum: Firefox 77.0.1 has been released. Currently it's not offered as auto-update on my Firefox 77.0.0 portable. And there is no change log yet.


Firefox 68.9.0esr

There is also an update of Firefox 68.9.0esr, which according to the release notes only fixes the vulnerabilities described on this page. The browser can be downloaded via FTP.

Tor-Browser 9.5

There is a new Tor bundle version 9.5 with security fixes for Firefox 68.9.0esr. Details can be read here (currently access is still blocked). Bleeping Computer has here an article, mention, that Tor Browser 9.5 lets websites promote their Onion addresses.

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