9 million LinkedIn profiles leaked to the dark net

[German]Hackers have probably captured nine million profiles from LinkedIn and offer them on Darknet. The data is from the years 2015 to 2018, as I was told by security researchers.


Security researchers from Cyble Inc. informed me a few hours ago that LinkedIn profile data is being traded on the Darknet. Last Wednesday, the researchers came across an interesting post in which a hacker “gives away” (or provides for free) the resumes of LinkedIn users. The data offered are from 2015-2018 and the sites were mostly from the European region, as listed below:

The security researchers have downloaded and analyzed the data. In total, there were ~9.4 million JSON objects. Each JSON object contains the public Linkedin profile of a user, certain profiles contain the curriculum vitae (CV) of a person.

The data seems to have been taken from the LinkedIn profile of the persons. The hacker claimed that no data from other countries was available at that time. Given the extent of this leak, security researchers assume that this is not the case in reality. More screenshots can be viewed here.


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