Windows 10 Version 2004: Issues with Malwarebytes 4.1.0?

[German]Short question for users of Windows 10 version 2004 who also use Malwarebytes Pro 4.1.0. Do you facing BlueScreens with the stop code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION?


I don't use it – but blog reader Karl pointed me to a problem on Twitter. According to my interpretation he has Windows 10 Version 2004, but the release preview ring is active.

As soon as it activates all Malwarebytes Pro features (version 4.1.0), a blue screen with the stop code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION appears. During a search I only came across older posts from April 2020, like here in the Malwarebytes forum. The post even refers to version This forum post from May 2020 also deals with this stop error. A year ago, a filter driver was mentioned as the cause in this post. Karl also writes that the system is slowing down – probably occurs since Malwarebytes Pro 3.8. Does anyone else have that?

Addendum: On Twitter a user confimed this BSOD – here is the follow up tweet.


His workaround is disabling the ransomware protection in Malwarebytes Pro.

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