Windows 10: Mail & Calendar app deletes GMail

[German]The Mail & Calendar app included with Windows 10 is causing a steady stream of issues. Constantly something is broken, now there are reports that the app deletes GMail entries or is causing GMail issues.


MSPU has noticed that some users in the Microsoft Answers forum complain about the Mail & Calendar app because there is trouble with Gmail. In this MS Answers post, a user complains that he cannot process attachments from Gmail in the mail app since June 1, 2020. 

Gmail Attachments in Windows 10 Mail App – June 2020

I have been using Mail App for about a year now – with multiple accounts set-up on it. Since Monday 1st June (when there was an update) I have been unable to see attachments on emails received by my gmail accounts. I can however see attachments in emails received by accounts.

Again this was all working prior to this week when the latest update came down. (16005.12827.20200.0)

Other users confirm this bug, which probably occurred after an app update. As a workaround, you can integrate Gmail into the mail app via IMAP. Then it should work again with the attachments. This MS Answers forum entry is from end of May 2020.

gmail with windows 10 mail app sent email disappears

I have configured windows 10 mail application with my google email address.

I sent a mail. I got an acknowledgement email back in reply, but the sent email has disappeared. Its not in sent mail, sent items, or all mail.

I've also checked on directly.

The email had attachments. I've noticed recently if there are attachments its a bit flaky. Previously it got stuck sending forever. To solve that, I deleted the gmail configured account in mail, and re-added. This time it sent in 2 seconds, but as I say there is no trace of the sent email.

I'm running Windows 10 1909 (OS build 18363.836)

Mail app version 16005.12827.20200.0

Even a simple test message sent with the app leaves no trace of the sent message.

If I send from web site, things work as expected

There, the person concerned cannot even send e-mails from the Windows 10 Mail app via the Gmail account. In the thread other users confirm the problem, one of them notes (marked as reply) that the test mails have landed in the SPAM folder. An MVP colleague confirms that the app broke the Gmail integration with the last app update.

The best way to work around this is to remove the Gmail account from the mail application and then manually add it again via the POP/IMAP way "Other account" using the IMAP settings as described in the Gmail help. There's another workaround from MSPU.

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