Windows 10 V2004 fixes GPT installation problem

[German]Good news for a change. In Windows 10 May 2020 Update (Version 2004) Microsoft has finally fixed a problem with the installer. The recovery partition is no longer entered first, but the installer follows the official GPT guidelines.


The whole thing caught the attention of Windows Latest, who picked up on this issue in an article and pointed it out in the following tweet.

Here are a few explanations as to why the Windows 10 setup has violated Microsoft's own partitioning requirements.

Upgrades and recovery partition

The background: When a user upgrades their Windows 10 to the next version via Functional Update (an upgrade), the Setup Wizard sometimes creates a new recovery partition. This happens whenever the wizard determines that there is not enough space on the existing recovery partition.

You must create the partition again because Windows can't expand a disk partition if the unallocated space isn't directly behind the disk partition.


(GPT partitioning, Click to zoom, Source: Windows Latest)

In some configurations, the recovery partition is also located midway between the MSR and Windows partitions. This only becomes an issue when a Windows 10 feature upgrade requires more space for its recovery partition than is available on the existing partition-or when users want to expand system disk space. If the recovery partition can't be expanded, shrinking the system disk creates a new recovery partition and the original recovery partition is left on the disk as obsolete.

Administrators can delete or extend the obsolete recovery partition to avoid creating a new recovery partition. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible with Microsoft's own disk management tool. To make changes to the locations of volume partitions, administrators must use the diskpart.exe command line utility or a third-party application (see this technet forum thread).

Windows 10 Version 2004 addresses the Setup issue

Windows Latest now writes here that Microsoft has finally upgraded the setup to use the recommended partition layout for a Clean Install starting with Windows 10 Version 2004.

(GPT partitioning, Click to zoom, Source: Windows Latest)

The Windows Setup program from Windows 10 version 2004 creates the WinRe (Recovery) partition behind the Windows partition. This should eliminate some of the problems that users have run into in the past. Microsoft has confirmed this correction of the partition layout from Windows 10 Version 2004 on to Windows Latest, according to their statements.

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