Outlook App: Family Calendar missing

[German]Users of the Microsoft Outlook desktop app complain that the family calendar has suddenly disappeared. The cause is currently not quite clear.


In Microsoft Outlook.com there is the Family Calendar feature, which allows you to manage appointments for different family members. The feature is described in this Microsoft document. The family calendar could be used from outlook.com and in the Outlook desktop app. But an app update seems to have hidden the calendar now. And in 2019 there was this entry that this also worked in the desktop app, but only read-only.

Family calendar is missing in Outlook Desktop App

It seems that an app update has killed the family calendar in the Outlook desktop app . A bug in the desktop app of Outlook that causes the family calendar to no longer be displayed there. On Microsoft Answers, a discussion about the Microsoft Outlook desktop app and the missing family calendar has been going on since Mai 2020. One affected person writes: Denn wie es ausschaut, gibt es in der Desktop-App von Outlook einen Bug, der dazu führt, dass der Familienkalender dort nicht mehr angezeigt wird. Auf Microsoft Answers findet sich seit April 2020 eine Diskussion um die Microsoft Outlook Desktop-App und den verschwundenen Familienkalender. Ein Betroffener schreibt:

Family Calendar Missing


My family and I have created a Microsoft family group. When clicking the ‘plan family events’ link in the family home page we are all taken to our personal calendars but there is no ‘Family Calendar’ under the ‘Other Calendars’ list. Can someone please suggest a cause of this issue and/or a remedy?

The family calendar has never been visible for any of us and we created the family group approx. 48 hours ago.


The thread now comprises several pages where users complain about the missing family calendear. Currently, the only thing that helps is to open outlook.com in the browser and log in to view the family calendar. Are you affected? Is there a solution?

Not a bug, it’s a Feature?

Small addendum to the topic. German blogger Martin Geuß had pointed out the facts of the matter, but now he has received the following feedback from Microsoft:

IIn the course of a recent upgrade of the family calendars in Outlook they have been moved to the section of the groups. The groups can be found in the left navigation bar as well as in the “Groups” section of the mobile Outlook app. More information can be found on this page.

More details may be found here on this page. There is hope – Microsoft promises to try to find a solution, because somebody must have been sleeping. Martin Geuß has noticed the following entry in the Feedback Hub, which he discussed here.



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7 Responses to Outlook App: Family Calendar missing

  1. Sean says:

    Yes, my family has definitely been affected by this and it’s been extremely disruptive. I hope you’re able to post an update with the reason or some kind of solution.

  2. Marc says:

    Same here. Gone on all Android, Outlook PC clients. Only able to access in browser on outlook.com. Useless.

  3. Steven Li says:

    Same here. It also disappeared from our iPhones.

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  5. Justin says:

    I was able to get the family calendar back in outlook by opening “folders.” The family calendar was there. But it’s still not appearing on the Microsoft Calendar app or on Android Calendar, the two apps that I actually use.

  6. Martin says:

    it was fixed in outlook for android but still does not work for MS launcher nor desktop app.

    The problem is related to changing family calendar to ‘group’ calendar which MS did just few days ago and surprise surprise – forgot to reflect in their own products)

  7. Mick says:

    MS really fu..ed it up big time! I am bloody furious abou that. For me it was working perfectly fine, even adding appointments via Alexa worked like a charm. And now? I can’t get the family calender even in Outlook mobile. What an incredibly stupid move!

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