Thunderbird 68.x: Update to version 78.x is shipped

[German]Short information for users of the Thunderbird e-mail client. The developers have released the auto-update for older 68 versions, which will upgrade them to the current 78.x version. Here is a short outline of the situation and some voices with hints what there is to know.


The Thunderbird developers had previously blocked the update from version 68.x to the 78 development branch, as I noted in the article Thunderbird 78.2.2 released.  There it said:

According to the release notes, Thunderbird version 78.2.2 is only offered as a direct download from and not as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 68 or earlier. A future version will include updates from earlier versions. Automatic updates are available for users who are already running version 78.0 or higher.

This has changed, users with Thunderbird 68.x will now be updated to version 78.x via its update function. I was offered the update, but I haven’t had it installed yet. And it was already mentioned in the German comments here:  :

Well, I’m still using version 68.12.0 and the 78.2.2 is offered for installation in the About-Box (“About Thunderbird” in the “Help” menu).
That shouldn’t be according to the release note, right?

The explanation can also be found in the German comments here in the blog:

Yes, but it is already right! The programmers of “Enigmail” just wanted to make sure that Thunderbird supports GPG, which is the case since version 78.2.1.
Today I also updated to version 78.2.2 “About Thunderbird”, immediately I was offered to migrate the keys from “Enigmail” to “Thunderbird” and removed “Enigmail” from the add-ons(bye, bye and thanks for the fish).
So far everything seems to work and minimizing to the tray works without any extra program again(4t) :-)

The colleagues of also point out this change in this German article. But I guess it is not without criticism. In the comments on there are hints to problems with addons which are not compatible. And on Twitter Patrick said the following:

With the update from #Thunderbird 68 to 78.2.2 the telemetry data acquisition of @mozilla will be activated without further inquiry, although the German text in the settings allows the choice.

cc @mozthunderbird @Deskmodder @etguenni @UlrichKelber #DSGVO #GDPR #privacyshield

And in this tweet he points out another problem. 


After the update from #Thunderbird 68 to 78.2.2 a user now has to click 4x in a menu to send an encrypted e-mail with digital signature and without sending the public key to an existing communication partner. :(

@mozthunderbird @etguenni

So check before an update whether you are possibly affected by the noted facts.


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