Windows 10: New Information about Windows Update

[German]Microsoft has outlined some information aobut third-party update and Update for Business in a Techcommunity article. And they plan to provide better information about upgrade blockers. Here is a brief overview.


Third-Party Updates in Windows Update for Business

Windows Updates for Business (WUfB) is only available as an update control option in corporate environments. In a Techcommunity article, Microsoft addresses the issue of rolling out third-party updates. Updates for third-party products are not supported by WUfB to date. Therefore a solution like Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager must still be used to complement WUfB. The Techcommunity article outlines how to configure this in WUfB and what you have to keep in mind. Perhaps of interest for administrators in this environment.

Better information about Windows 10 Upgrade-Blocker

On its status page for Windows 10, Microsoft provides an overview of when feature updates on machines are blocked due to known problems.  However, if the upgrade is blocked on a system, the user receives little information about why it is blocked. Mary Jo Foley has investigated this question and in this ZDNet article, Foley discusses the rumors that are circulating on the floor. The tenor: Microsoft is trying to inform users in more detail about upgrade blockers in Windows 10. The message: Microsoft is working on making blocking problems in feature updates for Windows 10 more customized and more manageable.

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