Windows 10 Update KB4583263: Fix for HP Battery Health Manager

[German]Microsoft and HP have released update KB4583263 for different Windows 10 versions on October 8, 2020. This optional update is intended to fix issues with HP Battery Health Manager settings on various HP business notebooks.


The HP Battery Health Manager settings problem

The HP Battery Health Manager is a BIOS setting available in most HP business notebooks. This feature is designed to help optimize battery life. To do this, the load on the notebook battery is reduced by factors such as a high charge level. Overcharging can accelerate both the swelling of the battery and chemical aging over time. For information on swelling in lithium-ion batteries, see HP Commercial and Consumer Notebook PCs – Swelling or Deformation of Notebook Battery.

However, on the devices with HP Battery Health Manager, there was a problem with the configuration settings. It was not detected whether the option was disabled in the BIOS. To solve the problem with the configuration settings, HP, in cooperation with Microsoft, has provided one that detects if the HP Battery Health Manager is disabled in the BIOS on selected HP business notebooks.

With HP Battery Health Manager disabled, this HP solution enables the feature with the recommended setting Let HP Manage My Battery Charging. With this setting enabled, the notebook dynamically changes the way it charges the notebook battery over time based on the terms of use. HP hopes that this will improve the overall condition and life of the battery. HP has published a support article HP PCs – Address Configuration Setting Issue within HP Battery Health Manager Using Windows Update (KB4583263), where you also can also find the list of affected HP Business Notebooks. 

Windows 10 Update KB4583263 contains HP Fix

The HP solution to the HP Battery Health Manager problem is now distributed by Microsoft via the Windows 10 Update KB4583263. Microsoft has published the support article KB4583263 (Update to address configuration setting issue within HP Battery Health Manager on select HP business notebooks)  with further details. The update is available for all editions of the Windows 10 systems listed below:

  • Windows 10 Version 1809
  • Windows 10 Version 1903
  • Windows 10 Version 1909
  • Windows 10 Version 2004

The update is offered as optional in Windows Update if the user lets the system check for updates – and should definitely only be installed on affected HP business notebooks. Otherwise problems may occur (see this German comment here). The update can also be downloaded manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog and then installed. The update will not be rolled out on WSUS, but it could be imported there manually. This update does not require a restart after installation to take effect. (via)


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  1. EP says:

    the KB4583263 update is also applicable to Windows 10 20H2 as well, guenni (for real):

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