Issues with Microsoft 365 Cloud Service (10/21/2020?

[German]Currently, Microsoft 365 cloud services (including Office 365) are probably experiencing service disruptions, mainly in the USA/North America. Microsoft has already introduced countermeasures that seem to be working.


I have just come across a corresponding status message on Twitter from @MSFT365Status reporting problems with the service in North America. 

Microsoft 365 Status

The linked Microsoft status page does not show any errors – on a short spike is signaled, but it is decaying.

Office 365 Outage Oct. 21, 2020
Office 365 Outage Oct. 21, 2020

Apparently the countermeasures are taking effect – Microsoft has switched to an alternative infrastructure and has probably documented this in the admin center. They wrote about of a ‘transient in nature’ event. Sounds to me like a bear pawing through the data center and rebooting servers, but probably I’m wrong.


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