Internet Explorer: Compatibility redirect to Microsoft Edge

[German]Microsoft has begun a gradual departure from Internet Explorer. IE 11 now redirects incompatible web pages to the Microsoft Chromium Edge so that they are opened in this browser. Here is some information on this topic.


It is a painful farewell for Microsoft and for individual users. Actually, Microsoft would love to bury Internet Explorer right now (see the blog post The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser from February 2019). But some corporate users depend on this browser, and security updates will be available for a few more years (until 2029). But Microsoft is starting to shut down support for Internet Explorer.

IE compatibility redirection to Edge Browser

Internet Explorer will redirect non-compatible web pages in future to the Chromium Edge browser to render that pages. I have already come across this information a day before at German site Dr. Windows, but also saw that Tero Alholen has recently made it a topic on Twitter.

Tweet: IE redirect of incompatible websites to Edge

Whenever users visit a publicly accessible Web page that is incompatible with Internet Explorer 11, it is redirected to the Chromium Edge and opened there. I once tried opening the Facebook page in Internet Explorer on Windows 10 2004. It is displayed in the Edge and IE 11 shows a message – below is such a message from my German Windows 10. It says that the web site opened doesn't work in Internet Explorer, instead it will be redirected to Microsoft Chromium Edge.

IE redirect of incompatible websites to Edge


At this point a note. In the Edge-Browser a popup is shown once, which provides some additional information. It's important to read that information.

IE Redirect to Edge notification

It is advisable to uncheck the check box Avoid interruptions, … if you don't want IE's settings and browser data to be transferred to the Edge browser. This redirection works from Microsoft Chromium Edge 87 and above.

Details at Microsoft

This works from the Microsoft Chromium Edge 87. Microsoft has published this article from October 19, 2020, providing additional information about group policies etc. for administrators in enterprise environments.

Stop redirection to Edge in IE

Addendum: In Internet Explorer, Windows 10 Home users can click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the browser window and select Internet options from the menu.

Internetoptionen IE extended options(Source

On the Advanced tab, you can uncheck the Enable third-party browser extensions checkbox in the Browsing group and click OK to confirm. This should prevent redirection after a system restart – but used third-party browser extensions will not work either. Techdows has referred to this topic in this article.

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