Tip: PSSysadminToolkit; PowerShell Scripts for Administrators

[German]Small tip for administrators of Windows systems in corporate environments. Steviecoaster has published a collection of PowerShell scripts on Github that administrators can use to determine certain information very easily.


The PSSysadminToolkit can be found on this GitHub page for free download. I became aware of the collection via the following Tweet.


PSSysadminToolkit is the Powershell toolkit for system administrators, as its author writes. PSSysadminToolkit contains a variety of Powershell scripts that help streamline an administrator's tasks. Currently, the following features are supported:

  • Get-SystemUptime
  • Get-UserProperties
  • New-LMGTFYLink
  • New-RegistryKey
  • Test-RemoteManagement
  • New-AffectedServicesAlert
  • Remove-UserProfile
  • Get-ComputerFromOU
  • Get-PendingRebootStatus – Avoid using "All" if you don't use SCCM for the moment
  • Get-UserLogonEvent
  • Find-Service
  • New-ImplicitSession – This one is still a bit "chatty"
  • New-DesktopShortcut
  • New-SharedPrinter
  • Get-UserProfile
  • Get-UserProfileSize
  • Send-WakeOnLANPacket
  • New-ShortUri

This project is currently under active development. Use the scripts at your own risk. Feedback on usage is encouraged. Bugs can be reported. Maybe it is of interest for you.

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