Adobe Reader 21.001.20145 causes 32BitMAPIBroker.exe crash

[German]There are reports, that Adobe Reader 21.001.20145, which was updated a few days ago, has a problem on Windows. The 32BitMAPIBroker.exe crashes in conjunction with Outlook 2013 when the application is closed. This is an old error, that has appeared on some older versions.


A few days ago I had pointed out the last Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC update 21.001.20145 (see Adobe Acrobat (Reader) DC 21.001.20145). The maintenance update only fixed the bug that comments were missing in the shared review when it was done with Reader DC. The update is available for Windows and macOS.

32BitMAPIBroker.exe crashes

However, it seems there is still a problem with this version in conjunction with Microsoft Office 2013. Blog reader Frank now points out a problem with Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC in this comment. In this Adobe forum post, a user complains about issues with Adobe Reader 21.001.20145.

Adobe Reader 21.001.20145, 32BitMAPIBroker.exe crash when exiting (OL 2013, Server 2012 R2)

We are using Adobe Reader 21.001.20145 (32 bit) Optional update, Mar 10, 2021 and Office 2013 Version 15.0.5275.1000 (32 bit) on Windows Server 2012 R2 with all updates installed (March 2021)

The error occurs after sending an email (successfully) using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 21.001.20145. If you then close Acrobat Reader, the program crashes with the error 32BitMAPIBroker.exe.

The 32BitMAPIBroker.exe program crashes after sending an email with Outlook 2013 with the following error message.

Absturz der 32BitMAPIBroker.exe

In the current case, a Windows Server 2012 R2 with the described Outlook version is used as the environment for sending the e-mail. However, if you search for the error, it appears again and again in forums.


  • This bug already existed in August 2020 with Outlook 2013 and Adobe Reader DC 20.012.20041. At that time, the whole thing was fixed with a program update. Whereby the bug went through several Adobe Reader DC versions.
  • In this forum post I found the error description from 2017 in connection with terminal servers and Windows Server 2016. Office 365 was used there. Should have been fixed by a software update as well.

There are other hits, when searching the internet, from the past regarding this error. A solution for the current problem reported above is not yet known to me.

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