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[German]Microsoft has published a new list for repairs of Surface devices that are out of warranty. Device owners can see, for example, how much a battery replacement or a display replacement will cost, since flat rates are used.


Something can always break on Surface devices. From a battery with decreasing capacity to a broken display (no warranty coverage unless a display crack is detected due to production defects), many damages are conceivable. So what to do when damage occurs? Surfaces are hard to repair – but throw away a device that is 2 1/2 years old? You can also take the device to Microsoft support after the 2 year warranty period in Germany to have it repaired. There are then repair lump sums. Microsoft writes about this on this page:

How much does out-of-warranty service cost for your Surface device or accessory?

If your Surface device or accessory is no longer covered by your Standard Limited Warranty or Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan, you may be eligible for out-of-warranty service for a fee. These prices apply only to repairs and replacement completed by Microsoft and are subject to change upon inspection. Pricing may vary with other service providers. For exchange orders, we will replace your device or accessory with a similar refurbished product.

Out-of-warranty pricing includes applicable taxes with the exception of Canada, India, and United States.

Users of a Microsoft Surface can select a country in the relevant form and then get the prices for the individual devices for flat repair rates.

Surface Service costs

Thanks to Barb Bowman for the hint on Twitter.

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