WSUS does not receive updates (May 11, 2021)

Windows Update[German]Currently, there are more and more reports that no updates are found in the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS). Only Defender updates are trickling in – it looks like Microsoft is not (yet) making the May 11, 2021 security updates available in WSUS.


I saw the first message on May 11, 2021 at 19:47 (CET) at the colleagues of German site in the post Keine Updates zum Mai-Patchday über WSUS? There it said:

we download the Windows updates via our WSUS (Server 2012R2). Now I just realize with surprise that there are no updates as of now (19:45)?
Only Windows Defender updates have been downloaded.
Can anyone confirm this?

At this point I had not received any feedback from other administrators about this issue here on the blog. However, in the meantime (22:53, CET) there are numerous feedbacks regarding this (all texts are translated from German to English):

  • #1:  oh oh; it's after 20:00 and nothing on WSUS, that doesn't sound well.
  • #2:  Hello everyone. Today is patchday May 2021, on WSUS I started this synchronization manually but no new updates were found. Does anyone also have this problem?
  • #3: 20:15 and WSUS only finds a CU for SQL Server 2017 otherwise no security patches when syncing with microsoft. This should be up and running again today.
  • #4: So far I am not getting a single update via WSUS. Also the case with others?
  • #5: Have no update on 2 WSUS (2008, 2019) yet either. Probably a pipeline between MS and WSUS is shut down :-).
  • #6: Have three WSUS servers, no updates were shown during synchronization.
  • #7: synchronized here too, but nothing downloaded except Defender updates….
  • #8: also with me on 2 WSUS no new patches via sync at the moment.

It looks like these are not isolated cases – and the WSUS instances are not faulty either. Markus B. writes here:

the synchronizations are shown as successful. Seems that they may have blocked the patches on their end and therefore this is shown as a successful sync on our end since no patch is released.

David James from Microsoft confirms an issue, that shall be solved in a couple of hours. See also the following tweet, that indicates a wrong time zone preventing the update sync – in this case, updates shall arrive in a few hours, depending on the time zone.


If who has new insights, he can leave a comment. Addenum: See the blog post Microsoft's confirmation of a WSUS sync issue – failing to receive updates (May 11, 2021)

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One Response to WSUS does not receive updates (May 11, 2021)

  1. JoeNZ says:

    Yes, good to know about this post. Looks like it is all over the world not just you guys. Even down here in Australasia – same issue! I thought we did something wrong breaking our sccm and wsus – but we can't really think of anything we did as we never had any changes made to them recently. Just really trying to find an excuse that something was made to it without us knowing as we googled and can't find any hits about it until this arvo – this post came up to google search! What a peace of mind to know we are not alone on this. Do you know if someone has reported this yet and an ETA as to when this will be fixed?

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