Firefox 92.0.0, 91.1.0esr and 78.14.0 ESR released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released the version 92.0.0, 91.1.0esr and 78.14.0 ESR of the Firefox browser on September 7, 2021. The version 92.0.0 is a new development branch of the browser, and the ESR is in each case a security update, which should eliminate vulnerabilities, but also fix bugs.


Firefox 92.0.0

According to the release notes, version 92.0.0 brings some new features as well as bug fixes and security fixes. Here's a rough overview of what's new:

  • More secure connections: Firefox can now automatically switch to HTTPS by using HTTPS RR as the Alt-Svc header.
  • Full-range color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems.
  • Mac users can now access macOS sharing options from the Firefox File menu.
  • Support for images with ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS.

Furthermore, there are the following bug fixes in the new Firefox 92:

  • Firefox performance with screen readers and other accessibility tools is no longer severely affected when Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox.
  • macOS VoiceOver now correctly reports buttons and links that are marked as "expanded" with the aria-expanded attribute.
  • An open warning in one tab no longer causes performance issues in other tabs that use the same process.

In addition, some vulnerabilities rated as high or moderate have been fixed in the new version. 

Firefox 91.1.0esr and Firefox 78.14.0 esr

An update of Firefox 91.1.0 esr and Firefox 78.14.0 esr with one year of long-term support with the same fixed vulnerabilities has also been provided respectively.

The new Firefox and the ESR variants can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant is to be selected via the displayed list boxes).


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