Firefox 94.0.2 released

Mozilla[German]On November 22, 2021, Mozilla developers released version 94.0.2 as a maintenance update of the Firefox browser. According to the release notes, there are only two bug fixes.


Hanging for users of assistive technologies like NVDA when installing Firefox via the Microsoft Store (bug 1736742) has been fixed. And there's the fix for general instability/crashes on Linux caused by a file descriptor leak when displaying tabs with WebGL in the background (bug 1741997). And there's an updated settings theme for Firefox Suggest to improve clarity.

The new Firefox can be updated via update in the browser or downloaded from this website for various platforms (choose the variant via the list boxes shown). Gerold writes here that Firefox 94.0.2 is annoying with being updated to 94.0.2 after all.  (via)

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