Hellmann Logistics Victim of a cyber attack

Sicherheit (Pexels, allgemeine Nutzung)[German]The the internationally active German Logistics company Hellmann appears to have fallen victim to a cyberattack on its IT. This attack was probably detected at an early stage and the company reacted accordingly. Currently, however, some data connections have probably been cut, so that business operations are being affected. 


Who is Hellmann?

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG is a German logistics services company with its head office in Osnabrück, Germany. Since its foundation in 1871 by Carl Heinrich Hellmann, the company has developed into one of the largest international logistics providers. In 2000 the family-owned company had 300 offices located on five of the six inhabited continents. In 2018, the Hellmann Group, with around 10,700 employees in 257 branches in 56 countries, achieved sales of around EUR 2.54 billion. Through its partner network, the company is represented worldwide with around 20,500 employees in 489 offices in 173 countries. The range of services includes classic forwarding services by rail, air and sea freight, as well as a comprehensive range of CEP services, contract logistics and industry solutions.

Cyber attack on Hellmann

I became aware of the cyber attack on the IT of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics via Twitter. Anyone who calls up their website is shown a corresponding message. It says: 

Hellmann Logistics

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has been the target of a cyber-attack

The attack was discovered at an early stage and is continuously observed and analyzed by our Global Crisis Prevention Taskforce. As a precautionary measure, all connections to the central data center were immediately disconnected temporarily, which currently still impacts our business operations. However, there has been no data leakage or unauthorized use of data.
We will update you regularly on the further developments on www.hellmann.com/it-infrastructure.

For any questions please get in touch with your known contacts at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

The announcement is brief – the attack was noticed at an early stage. As a result, the central data center was temporarily disconnected from the network. This limits the availability of the company's IT functions. But the spread of any malware that may have been installed can be stopped if necessary.

The global crisis intervention team, which is kept on standby by the company for such cases, is still analyzing the situation. So far, however, the company is certain that no data was leaked as a result of the attack and that there was no unauthorized access to data.


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