Edge 99.0.1150.36: Edge Insider ads can finally be deactivated via GPO

Edge[German]Small addendum for administrators in enterprise environments. Microsoft released Chromium Edge 99.0.1150.36 on March 7, 2022. With this browser version, the group policy to prevent the display of ads in corporate environments finally works.


Edge 99.0.1150.36

Microsoft has updated the Chromium Edge browser to version Edge 99.0.1150.36 as of March 7, 2022. This is a maintenance update that fixes bugs. The release notes for security updates does not list this version. Only on Github is there a reference to Edge 99.0.1150.36, with a note that various bugs and performance issues have been fixed. The browser should update automatically, but can also be downloaded here.

GPO MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled

In the blog post Edge 98.0.1108.43 I had reported on February 4, 2022, that Microsoft had introduced some new group policies for enterprise environments with this release. Among them is the MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled policy. The policy can be used to control whether Microsoft Edge is allowed to display advertisements. The policy's function is described as follows:

Displays content that promotes the Microsoft Edge Insider channels on the About Microsoft Edge settings page.

If you enable this policy or do not configure it, the Microsoft Edge Insider advertising content is displayed on the About Microsoft Edge page.

If you disable this policy, the Microsoft Edge Insider ad content is not displayed on the About Microsoft Edge page.

Microsoft writes about this that the policy is supported on Windows and macOS from Edge 98 or later.

MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled did not work

Already in the German blog post about Edge 98 a user reported that the MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled policy didn't work. 

great the new GPO
"MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled" (disable)
does not work.
New GPO is not displayed although imported, also the reg key is ignored.

This continued even with the release of Microsoft Edge 99. On the German blog post Microsoft Edge 99.0.1150.30 freigegeben there was this comment reporting that the GPO to disable Edge Insider ads did not work.


GPO works as of Edge 99.0.1150.36

With the release of Chromium Edge 99.0.1150.36, the MicrosoftEdgeInsiderPromotionEnabled group policy to stop ads from showing in enterprise environments is finally working. This comment briefly touches on this: .

1st post: unfortunately the GPO to disable this option still doesn't work, as it did in v98: microsoftedgeinsiderpromotionenabled

2nd post: works now since 99.0.1150.36

Martin E. also emailed me about the issue on March 8, 2022 and wrote:

Edge 99.0.1150.36: Now the advertising is (probably) finally gone

In the BLOG comment it is also mentioned, but with the .36 it is finally gone with us. Until .30 it was still there, despite activated GPO, that the advertising etc. should just NOT be visiblemit der .36 ist es bei uns endlich weg. Bis .30 war sie noch da, trotz aktivierter GPO, dass die Werbung etc. eben NICHT sichtbar sein soll

While writing the blog post, I also found this post in the techcommunity where someone from the dev team confirms that there was a bug that has been fixed.

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