Edge 98.0.1108.43

Edge[German]Microsoft has updated the Chromium Edge browser to version 98.0.1108.43 as of February 3, 2022 (thanks to the reader for pointing this out). It is a new development branch that keeps up with Google Chrome (see Chrome 98.0.4758.8x released, 27 vulnerabilities fixed), but also fixes vulnerabilities. Microsoft has introduced new features and new group policies with Edge 98.


Microsoft lists here the vulnerabilities CVE-2022-23261, CVE-2022-23262, and CVE-2022-23263 as fixed. The release notes for Microsoft Edge can be found on this page. Several new features have been added with version 98:Die Release-Notes für den Microsoft Edge finden sich auf dieser Seite. Mit der Version 98 sind einige neue Features hinzugekommen:

  • Enhance your security on the web. This is a browsing mode in Microsoft Edge where browser security takes priority, giving users an extra layer of protection when browsing the web. Administrators can apply group policies to end-user desktops (Windows, macOS, and Linux) to help protect against in-the-wild exploits (also referred to 0-days). The following group policies support this browsing mode:
    • EnhanceSecurityMode
    • EnhanceSecurityModeBypassListDomains
    • EnhanceSecurityModeEnforceListDomains
  • Personalize multi-profile experiences with profile preferences for sites. Users can personalize their multi-profile experience with the ability to create a customized list of sites for automatic profile switching in Microsoft Edge.
  • Upcoming three-digit version number in user agent string. Starting with version 100, Microsoft Edge will send a three-digit version number in the User-Agent header, for example "Edg/100". Starting with Microsoft Edge 97, site owners can test this upcoming user agent string by enabling the #force-major-version-to-100 experiment flag in edge://flags to ensure their User-Agent parsing logic is robust and works as expected.
  • Deprecate WebRTC's Plan B SDP semantics. This change deprecates a legacy Session Description Protocol (SDP) dialect called Plan B. This SDP format is being replaced by the Unified Plan, which is a spec-compliant and cross-browser compatible SDP format. For more information, see the Chrome Platform Status entry PSA: Plan B should throw in M96 Beta and Stable, and PSA: Plan B throwing in Stable and Extended Deprecation Trial End Date. Requesting a Trial for RTCPeerConnection Plan B SDP Semantics allows sites to continue to use the deprecated API until version 101.

    • Overlay scrollbars added to Microsoft Edge. We've updated our scrollbars with an overlay-based design. Users can turn this feature on in edge://flags.

In addition, the release notes list a longer list of new policies. The browser should be updated automatically, but can also be downloaded here.

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