Atlassian has fixed the Jira/Confluence outage and data loss

[German]Quick announcement for the weekend. Atlassian has fixed the Jira/Confluence outage that has existed since early April 2022 and the accompanying data loss for various customers. At the same time, the vendor revealed some details about the issue.


Since April 4, 2022, approximately 400 Jira and Confluence customers have been unable to access their cloud instances. An error message appeared stating that the site was unavailable or undergoing maintenance. I had reported the issue in the blog post Atlassian: Jira-/Confluence outage affects customers since April 5, 2022.


The vendor contacted me as of April 21 and wrote that the outages have been fixed since April 18, 2022 and no longer exist. Cloud instances have been restored for all affected customers. Currently, the team, is working through the incident. A post-incident report with findings and next steps will follow shortly.

Sri Viswanath, chief technology officer at Atlassian, shared more specific details in his statement. This incident was neither a cyberattack nor a scaling failure of our systems, but a chain of unfortunate circumstances. The majority of recovered customers had no data loss, while some reported data loss of up to 5 minutes prior to the incident. The details can be found in the linked statement.

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