Microsoft 365 Version 2206 version 2206: New bug in Monthly Channel (August 2022) crashes in apps

[German]Microsoft has just confirmed a bug in Microsoft 365 apps version 2206 in a ticket. The bug causes crashes in Office apps when performing certain operations. The issue occurs in Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise in the Monthly Channel. Addendum: It seems that Microsoft is rolling back to version 2205.


A German blog reader informed me in a private Facebook message about the problem he is experiencing in his environment. To this he writes:

Hi Günter. There are currently issues with Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise in the Monthly Channel and version 2206.

No matter which Office product, hovering over a contact card crashes the respective Office product.

The problem also occurs in Skype for Business, resulting in dropped calls.

When I asked him what exactly is going on, he told me the above information (thanks to the tipster for sharing, even if he wants to remain anonymous). Since he currently has about 1300 clients affected (the rollout in the Monthly Channel seems to have happened yesterday or the day before), he reported the issue to Microsoft via ticket:

After Updating Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise to Version 2206 (Build 15330.20298) Outlook.exe closes unexpectedly after hovering over Sender's and Receipient's Contact Card. This problem causes on more and more computers.

The reader also wrote that the problem also occurs in Excel, Word, PPT, etc. when searching for people in the search bar at the top and opening the Contact Card. He later received confirmation from Microsoft of the bug in version 2206 (build 15330.20298).

I had then asked if he had already tried a rollback to the previous version and got the feedback that this rollout was in progress (they noticed it immediately after the rollout). Anyone from the readership who has also noticed the error?

Addendum: A German user commented within my blog, that Microsoft is rolling back Microsoft 365/Office 365 in montly channel to version 2205.


Bug in Office version 2205 just fixed

In July 2022, I had reported on a bug fix for cloud access in the post Microsoft Office 365 version 2206 fixes cloud access crash bug. At that time, the new version 2206 (build 16.0.15330.20230) was released in the Current Channel. This version was supposed to fix crashes in Office applications that caused crashes in Word, Excel and PowerPoint when accessing cloud documents in the old Office 365 version 2205. This bug has been fixed, but a new bug has probably been added.

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