Sysinternals: Updates for Sysmon, AccessEnum, and Coreinfo

It seems that the developers have released an updated version of the free Sysinternals tools Sysmon, AccessEnum and Coreinfo on August 16, 2022.


I already came across this fact the days via the following tweet, which can be read with more details in this Techcommunity post.  

Sysinternals Tools

  • Sysmon v14.0: The update adds a new FileBlockExecutable event type that prevents processes from creating executable files in specific locations. The update also includes several performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • AccessEnum v1.34: This is a tool for enumerating file system and registry permissions, now supports paths longer than MAX_PATH characters.
  • Coreinfo v3.53: This utility provides information about the system's CPU, memory and cache topology, and now handles NUMA nodes with more than 64 processors.

The Sysinternals Suite can be downloaded free of charge from this page.

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