Exchange Server 2013: Microsoft's tips on decommissioning the systems

Exchange Logo[German]Administrators responsible for managing Exchange Server 2013 systems should start planning about replacing these systems. Because in April 2023, its support will expire. Microsoft has now published some advice on replacing Exchange Server 2013.


The end of support for Exchange Server 2013 is not that far away – on April 13, 2023, there will be security updates for the last time, as Microsoft reminded in the June 2022 post Exchange Server 2013 End of Support Reminder.

Customers can upgrade to Exchange Server 2016/2019. To upgrade to Exchange 2016 or Exchange 2019, Microsoft provides the Exchange Deployment Wizard. It is a document that administrators can use to create a custom step-by-step deployment checklist for your environment. For more information about upgrading to a newer version of Exchange Server, also see the Exchange Server documentation.

Decommissioning Exchange Server 2013

But what happens when the new Exchange Server has been set up? What should be considered when decommissioning the old Exchange Server 2013? I came across the Microsoft Techcommunity post Decommissioning Exchange Server 2013, dated August 31, 2022, via the above tweet, which provides relevant answers. There, Microsoft provides some tips on what to consider before decommissioning.

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