Thunderbird 102er: The problem bear

[German]Today a short article about to the e-mail client Thunderbird, which was presented a few weeks ago in the version 102 branch. Normally you switch to the current version – but I'm still on the previous 91 version. The reason: Since the release of the new Thunderbird version, many users have massive issues caused by bugs in this branch of the email client.


Thunderbird 102, own experiences

The development of the email client Thunderbird is somewhat aligned with the development cycles of Firefox. Therefore, new development branches arrive at users in regular succession. Then, at the end of June 2022, the developers released version 102 (see Thunderbird 102.0 and 91.11.0). The list of new features was quite extensive according to the release notes. But there was nothing vital in my eyes, which would have made an immediate switch necessary. In the release notes it was said that an automatic upgrade from the 91 developer version to the 102 branch is not possible for the time being.

I then copied the complete folder of Thunderbird 91.x portable including the profile and tried an update. I would have accepted the defacement of the user interface. But already after one hour it was clear that I had to go back to the old Thunderbird version. So it often happened that a mail, which was listed in the message list with subject, was shown as empty when opened.

So I deleted the Thunderbird 102 folder and copied the saved folder of the 91 version back. The mails were there again. The many "bug fixes" that the developers then released with versions 102.0.1 to 102.2.1 strengthened my resolve to stay on the old version of the mail client as long as possible.

Thunderbird 102 issues over issues

There is an English article Update to 102 turns into a major disaster that summarize early issues with the Thunderbird 102 update. Also this post addresses issues. German blog reader viebrix has also pointed out in this German comment that Thunderbird 102 is causing enormous problems. For example, he has pointed to this German post reporting possible data loss in Thunderbird 102 to 102.0.2. They summarize error descriptions from forums as:


  • The content of wrong e-mails is displayed (data in the topic/message list does not match the e-mail finally displayed).
  • Parts of the content of e-mails are missing.
  • Instead of the content of the e-mails, header data (so to speak technical data of the way the e-mails were sent) is displayed.

German site LinuxNews asked Was Thunderbird 102 released too early? -I would answer this with a resounding yes. The development of Thunderbird is getting out of hand with the 102 version – or how do you see it?

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5 Responses to Thunderbird 102er: The problem bear

  1. P.D. says:

    Am using 102.2.1 (32-bit), and I think the ".2.1" speaks for itself. That's a lot of "oops", my friends. The finished 102.0 was a greased pig running down the programmers aisles.

    Usability: I'm running Dell E6330 Win 7 pro 64 w/0Patch, and I haven't noticed anything deplorable yet save the GUI. Yuk. Change for Change's sake. Gotta keep the kids busy!

    Generally speaking, unless there's a severe security flaw, I won't bite at any even numbered release, because there's always something wrong with it, no matter what the software.

    Remember windows 3.0? "The horror, the horror…"

  2. P.D. says:


    "…any x.o release,…"

    …aaaand just now: Thunderburp 102.2.2 .

    But it REALLY gets bad when you see things like:

    "Version 1403.3.4.2215a…"

    Now THAT is an out of control release process!

  3. Mike says:

    Absolute disaster here, pretty typical of a major release (I'm on 102.2.2). About to ditch TB for good. Stuck constantly trying to download messages, non-responsive, counter seems to freeze. This is one of the reasons I generally avoid open-source apps for commercial work.

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  5. Roger says:

    Disaster here too. Some inboxes which have worked perfectly fine with previous versions for years suddenly "don't exist", and have to be re-downloaded with a different name and re-indexed. Also sort order settings lost. Favourite folders lost. Horrible.

  6. P.D. says:

    Part of the problem is that every piece of software these days wants to "be your everything". TB is not content to be just an email client, and focus solely on doing THAT well; no, they gotta have Chat, Calendars, wash the baby, feed the dog, etc., until the whole bloated mess explodes.

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