Firefox 106.0 and 102.4.0 esr released

Mozilla[German]Mozilla's developers have released the versions 106.0.0 and 102.4.0 ESR of the Firefox browser on October 18, 2022. The ESR versions are maintenance updates that are supposed to fix bugs. Firefox 106 is a new development branch. In both updates, vulnerabilities are eliminated.


Firefox 106

Firefox 106is a new development branch. According to the release notes, the update brings the following new features. 

  • It is now possible to edit PDFs: including writing text, drawing and adding signatures.
  • If Firefox is set as the default browser, it now also becomes the default PDF application on Windows systems.
  • Private windows can be pinned to the Windows taskbar on Windows 10 and Windows 11 for easier access.
  • Also, private windows have been redesigned to increase the sense of privacy.
  • Swipe-to-navigate (swipe left or right on the touchpad with two fingers to navigate back or forward through history) now works for Linux users on Wayland.
  • Text recognition in images allows users on macOS 10.15 and later to extract text from the selected image (such as a meme or screenshot).
  • The extracted text is copied to the clipboard for sharing, saving or searching – without having to retype everything manually. This feature is compatible with "VoiceOver", the integrated macOS screen reader (see also).
  • The "Firefox View" helps you return to content you've previously discovered. A pinned tab allows you to find and open recently closed tabs on your current device, access tabs from other devices (via our "Tab Pickup" feature), and change the look of the browser (with Colorways).

With the launch of the "Independent Voices" collection, Firefox 18 introduces new "Colorways". You can now access a modal "Colorways" experience through "Firefox View"; each new color is accompanied by a custom graphic and text description explaining its deeper meaning. The collection will be available through January 16. In addition, several vulnerabilities in Firefox 106 have been fixed, with some rated as high.

Firefox 102.4 ESR

Version 102.4 with long-term support (ESR) has also been released and should also close several vulnerabilities.

Firefox should update itself automatically, but can be downloaded from this website for various platforms (the variant is to be selected via the displayed list boxes).

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