Funny Google search AI – all plants are algae

[German]Funny observation from a German blog reader in Google search. There seems to be "a shortage" in Google's search AI. Because all plants we are searching for, are quoted as algae in the search suggestions.


It was a short e-mail, I received this moning from German blog reader Aike F. He stumbled uppon a strange observation, after he tried Google search. He wrote the following:

Hello Mr. Born,

I discovered a strange story here and wanted to tell you about it (if not already known). Maybe this is something for your blog!

Currently, I have a "glitch" when searching Google – All plants in the search are output as "algae". What's going on? Or am I getting this wrong?

Aike had attached some screenshots, so I could try that myself. Below is a search for "fagus" – a beech tree – bit Google search suggestions says it's an algae.

Google search suggestions

With Fagus, a beech, as far as I know a tree, is added to the group of algae. The reader and I also tried several searches for plants, all are quoted as "algae" – also the search summary presented in the right corner of a search has this false attribute.

Even the primrose – retrieved with the search term "primula" – makes the AI run amok and causes the Google search to make really crude statements. The primrose is now an algae.

Search result with false attribute


Looks like that the Google AI for preparing search suggestions "has a short circuit". And here the experts want to push an AI algorithm on us for anything and everything. The episode shows that all of this should definitely be questioned. Thanks to the blog reader for pointing it out – and to all from the readership a nice start into the week – even if the Google AI "has blue Monday".

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