Update KB5021751 (from Jan. 17, 2023) identifies outdated Office versions

[German]Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Office 2007 – 2013 on January 17, 2023. The goal of this update is to track down users who are still using these Office versions. Thanks to the user for the short notice.


Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010 have long since fallen out of support at Microsoft and no longer receive any security updates. However, both Office versions still work under Windows and are probably still in use. For Microsoft Office 2013, support with security updates (Extended Support) ends on April 11, 2023. On this date, this Office version will receive security updates for the Office modules for the last time. I had pointed out this fact in the article Microsoft Office: End of Life dates and feature drops in 2023.

Office update KB502175

Office Update KB5021751 is available for the Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010 packages, which have long since fallen out of support, as well as Microsoft Office 2013, which will fall out in April 2023. There is an interesting explanation from Microsoft about the purpose of this update:

Office Update KB502175

Improvements and fixes

This update is intended to help Microsoft identify the number of users running out-of-support (or soon to be out-of-support) versions of Office, including Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. This update will run one time silently without installing anything on the user's device.

This update is distributed via Windows Update. After the download, the update is then installed, a reboot is not required. The update analyzes the system when it is executed in order to report the Office versions found via telemetry. However, Microsoft does not disclose what information is transferred during the analysis.

TTip: If you do not want to install this update, you should block it under Windows 10/11 as a precaution. This is possible, for example, with the tool wushowhide.diagcab, which is now available again.

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