Edge 109.0.1518.61 fixes printing issues – more bugs still open?

Edge[German]Microsoft has released the Edge browser to the stable channel at version 109.0.1518.61 on January 19, 2023. One vulnerability is fixed. Feedback from readers confirms that the umlaut printing issue has been fixed too. It is unclear whether the autocreating of desktop shortcuts for PWAs and Application Guard crashes have been fixed – perhaps readers can add to this. Addendum: Fix for PWA linking problem.


Edge 109.0.1518.61 Stable Channel

According to the security release notes, the update to the Microsoft Edge Stable Channel (version 109.0.1518.61) contains the latest security updates from the Chromium project. It is explicitly stated that the new release has closed the Edge-specific vulnerability CVE-2023-21719.

The vulnerability, rated CVSS:3.1 of 6.5 / 5.7, allows attacks via a specially crafted URL. If the user clicks on this link, the attacker could bypass the Edge AutoFill protection function.

The Edge should be updated automatically. The changes in the new Edge 109 developer branch can be read here.

Printing issues fixed

In Edge version 109.0.1518.49 to .55, however, there was a bug that caused printing problems. The print preview would hang up and crashes would occur. I had covered the case in the blog post Printing issues in Edge 109 branch – special characters like umlauts are the problem and reported the but to Redmond. According to this German user feedback, this Edge printing bug is fixed in 109.0.1518.61 (thanks to the reader for the feedback).

Other bugs open?

I can't test it at the moment. I still have two bugs reported by German blog readers, that I don't know if they are also fixed with the new release.


  • Jonas reported in this comment that every time Edge is restarted, the shortcuts of the PWA apps stored via GPO are recreated on the desktop.
  • A user reported in this comment that the 109 Edge development branch "shoots down" the Application Guard. Microsoft hadannounced support for the Edge browser for Application Guard in September 2022. There feacture like upload blocking etc. are possible (there I had a second feedback about upload problems, which could not be verified anymore).

Perhaps readers who were affected by the two problems mentioned can say something about whether the bugs have been fixed.

Fix for PWA desktop shortcut bug

Addendum: In the meantime, it has been confirmed (see this German comment) that the Edge still has the PWA shortcut problem (create shortcuts for all PWAs an the desktop). The colleagues from deskmodder.de have posted a workaround.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Create a text file called StopEdgePWALinks.reg with the above instructions (make sure the file has a .reg extension). Then import the .reg file by double-clicking on it (requires administrator permissions). The entry is to prevent the creation of desktop shortcuts.

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