Printing issues in Edge 109 branch – special characters like umlauts are the problem

Edge[German]Some Microsoft Edge users are experiencing massive printing  issues with the 109 development branch. For example, quick printing no longer works for some users. For other users, the printing process crashes. After investigations, it became obvious, that the Edge 109 on Windows has printing issues, when the printer name contains special characters such as German umlauts. Therefore, I have pulled out the topic separately here in a blog post.


The Microsoft Edge 109 was rolled out on January 12, 2023 (see my post Edge 109.0.1518.49) to catch up with the Google Chromium 109. Serious vulnerabilities were also closed in this release. The 109 development branch is the last version of the browser that still supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and the server variants 2008 R2 as well as 2012 R2.

However, the 109 development branch is buggy as hell, already on January 13, version 109.0.1518.52 was released and on January 16, version 109.0.1518.55 was released. In the latter build, it was noticed that the browser creates a desktop shortcut during installation, waste the desktop with PWA shortcuts and changes something in the settings (see my blog post Edge 109.0.1518.52/55; enables password transfer to the cloud …). Even more annoying, I got several reports where the new Edge 109.x can no longer print.

Various printing issues in Edge

Over the last few days, I've come across several comments from users reporting printing problems with the Edge browser within my German blog. At least, a somewhat completed picture emerges for me.

No more quick printing

In my German January 2023 Patchday wrap-up (Windows Patchday-Nachlese Januar 2023, english version here), user Frank left the following comment (I've translated the German text).

We also have the problem on the Server 2016 that the quick print in Microsoft Edge does not work for any user in the RD.

I reinstalled the printer drivers (TA), but it still doesn't work.

Do you guys have any other ideas?

This comment didn't receive any answer. I had stopped following the issue myself, thought it was a single case, caused by January 2023 printer security updates. Then, while researching this post, I came across two more comments. Michael writes here (Text translated):


We have a problem with quick printing in Microsoft Edge since the update, which seems to only occur in conjunction with Kyocera printers/drivers.

If the Kyocera printer is defined as the default printer, the preview cannot be loaded and the cog keeps turning. If I use the classic dialog box with CTRL-Shift-P I can print.

Does anyone have the same combo and also the problem?

We are using:
Windows 10 Enterprise 22H2 – Build 19045.2486
Chromium version 109.0.1518.49 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Kyocera ECOSYS P2040 – > driver version 8.3.815.0

Addition: Have the problem now also in combination with a HP ColorLaser Jet M553 and is apparently not a general problem in this combination, because the problem on isolated computers can not be reproduced.

Blog reader Calvin adds to the comment:

Same problem here with W10 22H2 and Konica Minolta bizhub. Only one out of over 100 PCs so far though.

Michael has since reported that Edge 109.0.1518.55 is no longer working.

Printing with Edge hangs

Unfortunately, the comments about Edge printing issues in my German blog are spread over different posts. For example, Martin has reported back with more details in this comment to my German blog post Edge 109.0.1518.52/55; aktiviert Passwort-Transfer in die Cloud … (English version here).

We have massive problems with the new versions 109.x when printing web pages or even PDF files, which should be opened in Edge. Even the Acrobat Reader Extension fails its service. Instead of the print dialog, only a white window appears and the circle turns. This occurs under Windows 10 22H2, as well as under Windows 11 22H2.

The only workaround so far is to enable IE mode for the web pages that need to be printed from. This is of course rather medium for the users….

Can anyone else possibly confirm the problem or does anyone have any ideas.

German blog reader Steffen confirmed the problem and added:


Same problem. The first time occurred yesterday.
Today more often. (Looks who all use the Edge as PDF viewer).

Workaround: CTRL+SHIFT+P to select the system print dialog.
Other alternative: Download PDF and open it with another installed PDF viewer.

Edge version

That was the point where I started a search within the web, but didn't found immediately a hit.

Umlaut in printer name

Then I got the root cause by chance on Facebook. On my linked post about the Edge password problems in a closed Windows Administrators group, was commented from a user with.

Printing with Edge is currently not possible if the printer name contains an umlaut, e.g. Ü. The print window crashes.

That was the solution – special characters within the printer name causes Edge printing to stall. I mentioned that within my German blog post Edge 109.0.1518.52/55; aktiviert Passwort-Transfer in die Cloud … as comment. And soon enought I got confirmation, that this was exactly the root cause for the the printing issues. Also the print preview works again if umlauts or special characters are removed from the printer name. Maybe it helps those affected.

Hm, I'm a bit older and remember the 80ties as a software developer. At that time (1980) we have had US software not capable to support international characters. But I implemented several software systems with Digital Equipment VAX computers in 1990 – and we was able, to ship the software with German, English and Japanese GUI. Seems that too many fresh man are working for Microsoft now …

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