Microsoft Defender is forcibly installed for Microsoft 365 users

Windows[German]Microsoft Defender is already integrated into the operating system as virus protection in Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, Microsoft has further plans and wants to integrate the Microsoft Defender app into its Microsoft 365 product (for consumers). This means that in the future, Microsoft will automatically install Defender app on systems on which Microsoft 365 apps  (Family and Personal) are installed or updated. This primarily affects the Android, iOS and macOS operating system platforms, but the Microsoft Defender app will also be rolled out to Windows.


It's a bit confusing – after all, for Windows users, Microsoft Defender has long been part of the operating system. But Microsoft still has a Defender app that will become part of Microsoft 365 in the future. And that means this app is coming to all platforms where Microsoft 365 apps are installed or updated.

Microsoft 365 with Defender

I came across this topic over the weekend via the above tweet from gehacks. Martin Brinkmann has written this article on the subject.

The details

In a recently published article Installing Microsoft Defender, Microsoft reveals more details.

  • At the end of February 2023, Microsoft will integrate the Microsoft Defender app into the Microsoft 365 installer, so that the app will automatically arrive on the target systems with the installation of Microsoft 365 (consumer editions Family and Personal).
  • If the Microsoft 365 apps (Family / Personal) are already installed on the system, Microsoft Defender will be installed on the system with the next update. To do this, the user should log in to the personal Microsoft account that they use for Microsoft 365.
  • The prerequisite to get the Defender app is an active Microsoft 365 subscription of Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal.
  • Microsoft Defender will be rolled out on Android, Microsoft Defender on iOS, Microsoft Defender on Mac and Microsoft Defender on Windows, depending on the platform Microsoft 365 is running on.

Systems with an ARM processor are not supported. Those who do not have an active Microsoft 365 subscription have the option to obtain Microsoft Defender from the Microsoft Store. After installing the Microsoft Defender app, the user has to log in with his personal Microsoft account (, or to use the app.


New features

The Microsoft Defender app allows sharing security status across devices with the family organizer (who manages the devices). The new Microsoft Defender app is managed through the Microsoft Defender dashboard. In addition, the Defender app includes features to protect against identity theft. Details may be available from this Microsoft article.

User confused

Microsoft is said to have informed Microsoft 365 users about this change in an email, according to Users were unsettled because Windows Defender suddenly required them to log in to their Microsoft account.

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