New hints about Windows 12 from Intel

Windows[German]Microsoft has just released its Moments 2 update for Windows 11 22H2 (Windows 11 22H2: Moments 2 update KB5022913 brings many new features) – which was more or less a disguised advertisement for Edge and Bing with ChatGPT beta functionalities. Behind the scenes, however, they are working on a successor, which will probably come to the people in the second half of 2024 as Windows 12. After I reported hints about Windows 12 before, there is now an (unintentional) hint from Intel.


First hints about Windows 12

I had indeed pointed to this topic on February 19, 2023 in the blog post Is Microsoft working on Windows 12 and Windows Server 2025? A blog reader had sent me screenshot of VMware vSphere 8. When setting up a new virtual machine, "Windows 12" is already offered as the guest operating system.

"Windows 12" als vSphere 8-Gast

The second piece of information I pulled from the screenshot is that Windows 12 might only appear as a 64-bit operating system.

Hints from Intel about Windows 12

Now the site VideoCards has themed the Intel Meteor Lake desktop CPUs in a post. The rough specifications of the new Intel CPU chip are also listed there:

MTL-S has additional 5.0 x4 from CPU(for M.2?)
5.0 x16
5.0 x4
4.0 x4
From CPU Direct
No AVX512

Z890 has additional 4.0 x4 from chipset, x24 Gen4 lanes total
Wi-Fi 7 debut

It says support windows 12 on OS list(?)

Now only 6P+8E and 6P+16E, 8P under dev?
That's everything I know

The above information refers to a meanwhile deleted tweet from TLC (@leaf_hobby) from February 25, 2023. There, the author of the deleted tweet claims that the new processor will support Windows 12 as an operating system., which picked up on this, assumes that a Windows 12 could be released in the second half of 2024. Would then also correspond with the plans to phase out Windows 10 support in August 2025. Both Microsoft and Intel refuse to comment on these rumors.


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