Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with Teams Rooms on Windows announced

[German]Microsoft has just announced that the Surface Hub 2S will become a member of the Microsoft Teams Rooms family and will probably be launched at the end of 2023. The device, which is intended for collaboration in companies during meetings with its large 50-inch screen, will then be delivered together with "Teams Rooms". Existing Surface Hub 2S devices will later be given the option to update to Teams Rooms.


Surface Hub 2S

Under the name "Surface Hub", Microsoft has been offering a 'large tablet' for a couple of years, which can be used in companies to work during presentations and meetings.  The Surface Hub 2 comes with a 50.5-inch or 85-inch 4K multi-touch display and 4K cameras for on-screen interaction. The price for these devices is several thousand dollars.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a meeting solution for companies available as a subscription. A large screen with touch control can be used for team meetings. This allows meetings to be projected on the screen in the room and and remote participants to join the meeting. Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed for use with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Server 2019 or Skype for Business Server 2015.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S with Teams Rooms

It has now been announced that the Surface Hub 2S will become a member of the Microsoft Teams Rooms family. For this purpose, Microsoft wants to equip the Surface Hub 2S sold in the course of 2023 with "Teams Rooms on Windows". The announcement was made in the tech community post Surface Hub 2S: Now a Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows device, which is referenced in the following tweet.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S (2023)

The Surface Hub 2S is said to be the first touch-enabled board to run "Teams Rooms" on Windows. This unlocks the most requested Teams Rooms features for both users and administrators. These include Front Row, persistent chat, consistent remote administration features and more. Existing Surface Hub 2S devices can migrate to this functionality at a later date. The details of what functionality will be added to Surface Hub 2S with "Teams Rooms on Windows" can be read in the Techcommunity post.


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