Microsoft Edge: Can optional features be removed soon?

Edge[German]Has the Edge browser already become too complex for users? According to reports, Microsoft's developers are testing a way in the Canary builds for the user to remove non-essential features of the browser. Then things like sidebar, split view, etc. could simply be deselected.


Twitter user @Leopeva64 noticed that there is an option to do this in the Canary build. He picked it in a tweet (click on the screenshot to see the animation on Twitter) and notes that it looks like Microsoft is testing deselecting various Edge features in Edge.

Twitter-Nutzer @Leopeva64 ist aufgefallen, dass es im Canary-Build eine entsprechende Option gibt. Er hat das Ganze in einem Tweet aufgegriffen (auf den Screenshot klicken, um die Animation auf Twitter anzusehen) und merkt an, dass es aussähe, als ob Microsoft im Edge die Abwahl verschiedener Edge-Features testet.

Edge: Remove Features

Neowin had picked up here, writing that Microsoft is testing a new feature for its Edge browser in the Canary Channel that allows users to disable parts of Microsoft Edge they don't need. The hope is that the browser will run faster and offer a less cluttered experience.

The option to turn on or off various features in Microsoft Edge has been rolled out to some users in the Canary Channel as part of the so-called Controlled Feature Rollout, the company said. Those who have had this option installed can disable optional components by going to Settings > Optional Features or the edge://settings/optionalFeatures.


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