Invalid URLs in (KB5023706, KB5025239) after UUP conversion

Windows[English]At the end of March 2023, Windows 11 switched to UUP. This seems to have led to collateral damage, as a blog reader told me this week. As a result, the offline package is shipped with invalid URLs, which then causes problems. Here is a brief overview of what is currently known.


Switching to UUP with Windows 11

I had reported in the blog post Reminder: UUP updates for Windows coming on March 28, 2023 that Microsoft had made its Unified Update Platform (UUP) active on March 28, 2023. The platform is intended to enable smaller and easier updates, as Microsoft explained on February 9, 2023 in the article Get ready for the first UUP on premises updates coming in March.

For now, the UUP release applies only to Windows 11 version 22H2 and is intended to bring the power of Windows Update and Windows Update for Business to local Windows clients. It will ship with an update, but administrators may need to prepare WSUS or SCCM accordingly.

Invalid URLs in

German blog reader Peter Lukesch emailed me about a problem he encountered as an IT service provider (thanks for that). In the mail with the subject Invalid URLs in current offline as a result of the switch to UUP in Windows 11 he wrote the following (I've translated his text):

Hello Mr. Born,

I have been reading your blog with interest for several years, both privately and professionally.

Since we position ourselves with our company with update and patch management in industrial plants, topics on current update problems are always a very helpful basis.

This month we noticed a problem that seems to result from the changeover to UUP in Windows 11. Maybe this topic is also interesting for your blog.

Peter Lukesch has published a post on LinkedIn with the following content.

Did anyone else notice issues with the latest Windows 11 UUP switch and resulting invalid URLs to in the offline

According to a user called "Simon Fonteneau" at Microsoft Q&A article invalid url in latest there is an issue with invalid download URLs in the latest

Even though the links were available a view days ago and some even still are, not all of those patches can be downloaded as of now. In his question he also states that in the official documentation of the Microsoft WSUS this URL isn't mentioned as a valid download source (s.

A little search for the URL also comes to this Tweet ( where a user called "adguard" mentions, that this is an internal link of Microsoft corporate network.

So, are there some quality issues as of now when Microsoft is creating the with the switch to UUP Updates?

Let me know in the comments if you also encountered some issues or have additional information.

The .cab file mentioned can be found in Windows 11 22H2 updates KB5023706 (see Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022-Updates (March 14, 2023)) and KB5025239 (see Patchday: Windows 11/Server 2022 Updates (April 11, 2023)). Anyone else who has noticed this?


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