iOS 16.4.1(a): Rapid Security Responses Updates

[German]Apple has released an unscheduled security update (Rapid Security Response Update) for iOS to version 16.4.1 (a) on May 1, 2023. However, there are reports that there are problems with this special update on iPhones.


Blog reader Gero had pointed out the special update and problems in the comments section (thanks for that) – and I saw a reference to iOS version 16.4.1 (a) from Will Dormann on Twitter as well. I guess details what the update does are not available yet. Gero wrote:

iOS 16.4.1(a)

Apple has released an emergency update tonight, called iOS Security Measure 16.4.1(a).

Contains important security updates, so get on it. However, there were (or still are) problems with the update (not here, the update could be installed without problems).

It is the first Rapid Security Response (RSR) update released for iOS 16.4.1 and macOS 13.3.1. The colleagues from Bleeping Computer also write about installation problems here. Tom Warren, for example, has published the following tweet and screenshot on Twitter, which shows problems (the update cannot be verified).

iOS 16.4.1(a) fails

Bleeping Computer links to other reports on Twitter like here, here and here where the update aborts with "Unable to Verify Security Response".


Rapid Security Responses Updates

Rapid Security Responses updates deliver important security improvements between software updates, -according to Apple Rapid Security Responses are a new type of software release for iPhone, iPad and Mac. They deliver important security enhancements between software updates – for example, improvements to the Safari web browser, the WebKit framework stack, or other important system libraries. They can also be used to more quickly fix specific security issues, such as those that have already been exploited or reported to exist "in the wild." The new Rapid Security Responses will only be made available for the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS – starting with iOS 16.4.1, iPadOS 16.4.1, and macOS 13.3.1

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