Firefox 115.0.2/ESR with bug fixes released

Mozilla[German]The days the Mozilla developers had released the versions 115.0 of the Firefox browser (see). In the meantime, version 115.0.2 of the normal release channel and the ESR channel with extended support has already been added.


The release notes of Firefox 115.0.2 dated July 11, 2023 contain the following notes on bug fixes:

  • Fixed a startup crash that occurred with some Windows 10 and 11 users by blocking instances of a malicious injected DLL (bug 1841751)
  • Fixed a caret display error in the text editor on some web pages (bug 1840804)
  • Fixed bug with incorrect audio playback on some web pages (bug 1841982)
  • Fixed a bug where patternTransform translate used the wrong units (bug 1840746)

In addition, a vulnerability according to this page has been fixed with the update:

CVE-2023-3600: Use-after-free in workers: Use-after-free in workers: A use-after-free condition could have occurred during the worker lifecycle, leading to a potentially exploitable crash.


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2 Responses to Firefox 115.0.2/ESR with bug fixes released

  1. EP says:

    Firefox 115.0.3 ESR available:

    version 115.0.3 is an esr only release; a non-esr version of FF 115.0.3 is not yet available

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