Windows CSP Update page: Windows Update policies are not correct

Windows[German]Another "shortie for the weekend", since I haven't considered this topic yet. Microsoft provides a set of group policies (GPOs) for managing/controlling updates in Windows. The whole thing is documented on the Policy CSP for Updates page. I had already provided a reference to the site in the post Windows Update CSP page refreshed (Jan. 2023). Currently, however, there seem to be problems with the content of the page, so the information provided there is not correct.


The other day, a related tweet from @ariaupdated came to my attention on Twitter. The Microsoft employee helps IT administrators manage Windows updates with the Windows Insider Program for Business, Windows Update for Business and WSUS. On Twitter, she notes that Microsoft automatically populates the update policy documentation, but that there are problems there at the moment.

Below is the corresponding tweet, which refers to the Microsoft website Policy CSP – Update and whose text portion I have pulled out. The CSP page currently has a revision level of May 2023 and documents group policies for Windows Update. @ariaupdated wrote on Twitter:

#FYI: client-management-policy#update-allowupdateserviceis… is automatically populating and certain policies are not correctly mapping at the moment. Please be advised that it will be fixed soon, but currently may have some not fully correct/confusing information. :) #WUfB #DocumentationMatters

So there is the problem that the documentation at Policy CSP – Update is filled in automatically. Certain policies are unfortunately not being mapped correctly at the moment. On the web site in question, it says in an insert marked as important that the documentation page also contains preview policies that are currently under development and only apply to Windows Insider Preview builds.

 Important; This CSP contains preview policies that are under development and only applicable for Windows Insider Preview builds. These policies are subject to change and may have dependencies on other features or services in preview.

Somehow "some chaos" on the site. @ariaupdated hopes the problem will be fixed soon, but there might be some not quite correct / confusing information on the site at the moment. Maybe just keep in mind.

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