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Teams[German]A quick question for the administrators and users of Microsoft Teams. Do you have the problem that no more links can be opened from MS Teams when version of this software is installed. An administrator just pointed out the problem to me (thanks for that). I'll put together the information here in the blog that I received from the user – maybe someone else is affected.


Reports about MS Teams link issue

A German blog reader is responsible for a couple of  clients within an enterprise environment and also administers Microsoft Teams installs. As of September 28, 2023, there must have been an update of the from Microsoft Teams clients to version The blog reader wrote me that since the update installation, the approximately 650 clients in the company currently have the problem that with the current Teams update, no more links can be opened from the Teams client since the update.

The readers wrote, that neither browser links, nor phone numbers, nor emails, nor file links can be used in the desktop app. By default, they have checked Group Policies (GPOs) and the like, none of which triggers this behavior. It must be a bug in Microsoft Teams version The blog reader then tested the previous version of Microsoft Teams and it runs fine there.

After posting the German edition of this blog post, some users confirmed the issue, while others didn't noticed that. Is anyone else affected? If yes, which Windows version you are using on the clients?

Similar, older finds

I once ON the internet, the search for this error triggers some hits. So there is the hit Can't open links in Teams, which reflects the same error pattern. There the desktop client was affected, while the web pages did not show any problems. In the thread there were then some general hints from a user such as updates or clear cache, disable browser extensions etc.

Problem with Microsoft Windows Server 2016

I found the thread Link in Teams chats not opening Browser from February 2023, where hyperlinks in the Chats/Teams channel could not be opened. There, as of August 24, 2023, came the response from Florian Neumann, who wrote that he had received a final response from Microsoft support. This problem has been known for Server 2016 for about a year, but there will be no solution because Windows Server 2016 has fallen out of mainstream support.


That leaves updating to Windows Server 2019 or higher versions. Or disable the SafeLinks policy in Security AdminCenter (including the BuiltIn-default-policy exception) and wait 24 hours. However, I'm not sure if the thread reflects the above error pattern, but have included it here as a thought starter.

And one more off-topic note. In the August 2023 blog post Support ends for connections to Microsoft 365 services for Office 2016/2019 after October 2023, I had pointed out a change that could affect the operation of the Office versions mentioned. As the long weekend approaches, I received feedback on Facebook from an IT support person that the first customers had already called.

Problems opening Excel file URLs

It is also off-topic: As of September 29, 2023, someone has posted to the Microsoft Answers forum with the thread Teams opening Excel file URL with extension of "?clickparams=…." and it cannot be saved w/ "Unknown error trying to lock file.". There is the problem that links to Excel files can not be opened recently and trigger an unknown error.

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